Microsoft: Xbox One is also a Windows PC

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(Original title: Microsoft: Xbox One is also a Windows PC)

Earlier, Microsoft brought the new Windows 10-based system to Xbox One, with players not only gaining a new system interface, but also being able to stream games with their own Windows PC and even compatible with previous Xbox works.

So what's the difference between an Xbox One and a Windows PC?

Microsoft CEO Nadra said "no difference".

Yes, Xbox One is actually another "Windows PC", which is an entertainment center in the living room that connects users ' Windows PCs, Windows phones, and surface tablets together to form a complete entertainment platform through cross-platform functionality.

Although this is a bit of a mouthful, but it contains the meaning of the official Microsoft to build Windows 10, the so-called "one Platform", Microsoft hopes to be able to build a complete ecosystem through a new generation of operating systems, including PCs, mobile devices, Home consoles and a wealth of software applications.

Microsoft: Xbox One is also a Windows PC (GO)

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