Microsoft Visual Studio team Foundation server express 2013 (1) Server installation and configuration

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Note: This document uses the TFS 2013 Express version as an example because it is a free version. It can be used by up to five users. A larger team can use Visual Studio team Foundation server 2013.

(1). Microsoft Visual Studio team Foundation server express 2013 (1) Server installation and configuration

(2). Microsoft Visual Studio team Foundation server express 2013 (2) Team Project Creation and permission assignment




1. Visual Studio team Foundation server express 2013

Http:// Id = 43726

2. sqlexpress2008r2

Http:// Id = 30438

(1) Introduction

1. Details

Visual Studio team Foundation server express 2013 provides a collaboration center at the core of the application lifecycle management (ALM) solution. By automatically executing the software delivery process, the entire team can track the team's actions, transactions and project matters, such as requirements, tasks, bugs, source code, generate results and test results. Team Foundation server express 2013 has a wide range of functions, including reports and panels, allowing you to view historical trends, track the entire process, and learn about software quality in real time.

2. System Requirements

Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 r2

(2) Installation

1. necessary software

A. Install IIS (here we will not repeat the installation methods of IIS in the above system ).

B. sqlserver (TFS express only supports sqlserver of express). I use the Chinese version of sqlexpress2008r2.

Note: To ensure smooth installation and use, TFS express must be installed on a pure (pure) system. Because I found two problems during the installation process.

A. After installing TFs express 2013 on a machine that has already installed Visual Studio 2013, you cannot start TFs or even find that the licence of vs2013 has expired.

B. TFs can be used normally when TFs express 2013 is installed, but cannot be enabled after Visual Studio 2013 is installed.

As mentioned above, we can conclude that TFs express 2013 and VISAUL studio 2013 with licence are installed together, and licence is in conflict.

2. Installation Steps

Windows 7 SP1 is used.

A. Install IIS (Check all the items that can be checked)

B. Install sqlserver 2008 R2 Express (select the default instance and built-in system account)

C. Install TFs express 2013

----------------------------------- After restart -----------------------------------------

(3) Configuration

A. Start the wizard

B. Change your account (use a Windows account)

C. "Configure"


Microsoft Visual Studio team Foundation server express 2013 (1) Server installation and configuration

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