Microsoft releases Windows 10: Even windows 7 is free to upgrade

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Early this morning, Microsoft announced the release of Windows 10.

WINDOWS10 The overall reset of the WINDOW8 design, restore the original Start menu settings, the system has added virtual desktop function, search box and the form of classification to replace the original two-column Control Panel interface.

Windows 7 Free upgrade

Belfiore also describes that any device running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows Phone 8.1 can upgrade the system to the latest version free of charge during a one-year Windows 10 release. He believes that such a strategy can enhance the development of the Windows ecosystem, more and more software will be poured into the system, people are more willing to create new content for the system.

In previous news reports, there was a media explosion saying Windows 8, Windows 8.1 could be upgraded to Windows 10 for free. According to market analysis, this message is believed, because the percentage of Windows 8, Windows 8.1 is not very high, such as:


    • From the above figure, Windows7 market share accounts for half of the Microsoft Windows operating system.
    • Take ComponentOne China team as an example, currently using Windows 8, Windows 8.1 is about 30%, and the other 70% is the Windows 7 operating system.

So I was shocked to see this news, the equivalent of the company's ecosystem, the next 1 years, almost 80% users will use the Windows 10 operating system---for control enterprises, system integrators, will significantly reduce the pressure to maintain different operating systems, testing tasks.

Cortana integration

Windows 10 can also use Cortana, which is very handy.

Universal app (software that can span PCs, phones, tablets, and even Xbox multiple platforms)

Microsoft also wants Windows 10 to fulfill the company's ambition to create a common software platform for PCs, tablets, smartphones, and Xbox gaming consoles. Currently, these products run four sets of operating systems that vary enormously. Unifying them can support no-gap operations across devices, such as allowing users who are playing games to migrate from the host to the PC.

Windows 10-directx 12 gives developers more control over the CPU and GPU, and improves game performance by 50%. Best of all, in the live demo, one person with Xbox One, a PC, two people playing together, the process is very smooth.

Cross-platform, barrier-free

Hope that its core onedriver in the domestic access speed is not a bottleneck.

Sparta (Spartan) browser

The interface is simple and can be doodle-a great feature for design and developers

    • Spartan open Reading Mode, you can browse offline pages like a book on your phone and PC.
    • Spartan Right click on the word, can query the meaning of the word

Virtual reality Virtual reality technology holograms, HoloLens smart glasses

The user takes the real environment as the carrier, real-time processing, obtains the virtual information: obtains the message on the wall, looks up the contact person, plays the game on the ground, the furniture, carries on the Skype video call directly in the living room wall, watches the game. In fact, users don't even need any information carriers, and all data is presented directly to the user through the headset.

It looks like a sci-fi film, and the movie "Iron Man" a few, with the help of Windows 10 platform, HoloLens imagination space is very large.

HoloLens smart glasses are much more powerful than Kinect--sci-fi holographic technology is great.

The HoloLens smart glasses feature a new processor-holographic processing unit (holographic processing Unit).

Product family photo of the Windows 10 Conference:


Our team was delighted with the release of Windows 10 because the non-mainstream operating system brought a lot of extra work during the daily GCDN forum operation, assuming that Windows 10 would occupy a large share in the next 1 years, Our after-sales colleagues have expressed great pleasure---let us wait and see the April 2015 Microsoft Build developer Conference.

    • Windows 10 Consumer preview version of the PC version is updated next week
    • Phone-side upgrade time is next month
    • Spartan browser will be released to Windows Insider trial within 3-5 months
    • HoloLens API has been built into all WINDOWS10 devices and will be listed with Windows 101

Microsoft releases Windows 10: Even windows 7 is free to upgrade

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