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With the rapid development of mobile Internet and the rapid development of mobile internet advertising, according to market research firm Gartner, Global mobile advertising revenues are expected to reach $3.3 billion trillion in 2011, more than 1.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2010, to 2015, Global mobile advertising revenue will reach $20.6 billion trillion. Mobile internet advertising is about to become a force in online advertising, in which mobile search and lbs ads are expected to generate the most advertising revenue. Mobile internet advertising design based on mobile search and lbs will be the focus of designers ' design.

The main design dimensions of mobile internet advertising:

Based on lbs application design:

According to the location of users to push ads to users, so that users more convenient to find the request, access to real-time offline resources.

Based on visual attraction design:

Highlight the visual attention to attract users, so that the advertising content more vivid display in front of users, increase the point of effect.

Design based on ease of use:

Help the user to find the request more quickly, provide the convenient contact way, the quicker realization O2O mode, in order to increase the usability of the advertisement, reduce the user to the advertisement aversion.

Based on trust degree design:

Increase the user's trust to the advertisement, the user pays more attention to whether the advertisement is the brand advertisement, the telephone number is the official customer service telephone.

The main forms of mobile internet advertising:

App ad WAP ad mobile search ads

App Advertising Design:

App Status: More than 650,000 mobile internet apps are available worldwide, downloading more than Baishi. And with the market share of iphone and Android OS handsets Rising, while mobile apps are booming in China, app ads now account for 5% of the mobile ad market, small but growing at a high speed.

APP ad Format: Banners and text links are the most common forms of advertising that are built into mobile apps.

App AD presentation: A user clicks on an ad, opens a new browser page to the ad page, or opens a new application download.

1.APP Banner ad Design dimension:

Based on visual attraction design: adopt the form of banner, more prominent display, in order to improve the advertising content to the user's visual appeal.

Based on the usability design: The banner mode is convenient for users to click and improve the advertising point of display ratio.

Based on relevance design: To use the app's users to design the relevant software download portal to improve the relevance of the ads, reduce the user's aversion to advertising.

2.APP text chain advertising design dimension:

Based on ease of design: Text chain ads to access the fastest, will not affect the opening speed of the app, convenient and quick.

Based on user-defined design: The design cancels the display advertisement the button, the user may choose to click the advertisement or closes the advertisement operation, compared to the app banner advertisement to the user's influence is small.

Based on visual attractiveness design: Design more attractive copy, at the same time can design pop-up box has increased the user's attention to the ads, and ultimately realize the user's click on the ads.

WAP Advertising Design:

WAP Advertising form:

WAP PUSH (Mass advertising) and WAP site ads

1.WAP Push AD design dimension:

(Wap push advertising refers to the mobile phone direct advertising, is the advertisers direct advertising content to the target customers on the mobile phone ads.) The WAP Web site containing advertising content to link directly to the user's mobile phone, users according to the need to open the link to see ads, WAP push ads in the form of a text chain show. )

Based on lbs application design:

According to the user's mobile IP address to identify the user's region, and push the corresponding ads to improve relevance. such as pushing the store in the vicinity of the neighborhood, supermarket promotional information to the user's mobile phone, convenient for users to buy at the same time for the announcement of the main income generation, achieve a win.

Based on relevance design:

For specific models of users to push related applications and downloads, improve the matching degree of advertising.

2.WAP Image Advertising Design dimension:

(WAP is the mobile internet era of information carrier, WAP site is a picture and text and appearance of the form of display to the mobile phone terminal users.) But the WAP station advertisement displays the text chain and the picture form to the user. )

Based on relevance design: Through the user's mobile phone model, model version, accurate positioning of the user's consumption level, age, and other attributes, and display the relevant ads, improve the competitiveness of advertising at the same time for the promotion of the point of advertising.

Based on visual attractiveness: Design the form of banner advertising, improve the visual appeal of advertising, increase the display of advertising and user clicks on the ads.

3.Wap Station text chain advertising design dimension:

Based on usability design: WAP station content needs to be quickly displayed to the user, design ads can take the form of text chain, because the text chain access speed, the WAP station to open the speed of the least impact.

Based on the suitability of design: Text chain ads for a variety of mobile phone platforms, will not cause the page run version of the phenomenon, while improving the unity of the platform ads.

Mobile Search Advertising Design:

Mobile search ads: According to user input query and location of users, highly accurate push related advertising content to the user, and can achieve the call of advertising, fast implementation of O2O (on line to off line) mode, to narrow the distance between users and advertisers.

1. Design based on ease of use--direct telephone

(Design concept: Design direct call can close the distance between advertisers and users, a small click can easily realize O2O (online to offline) operation, user-friendly access to advertising content at the same time can create greater advertising value for advertisers. )

2. Design based on ease of use--advertising sub-link

Design concept: The design of advertising links to meet the user's multifaceted search needs, so that users understand more ads related to the popular child content, reduce the user two times search operations. )

3. Design-–banner based on visual attractiveness

(Design concept: There are banner ads can greatly improve the visual attractiveness of ads to users, increase the number of clicks on the ads and enhance the brand publicity effect.) )

4. Geographically based design:

(Design concept: advertising integration in the geographical location services, to provide users with more rapid access to the channel, so that users can access anytime, anywhere, improve the convenience of search. )

5. Based on the user trust degree design--Official website logo

(Design concept: Because users buy goods more believe that the official website information, increase the official website logo can improve the user's trust in advertising, thereby increasing the user's click on the ads. )

6. Based on the user trust degree design--site brand logo

(Design concept: Because users buy products and repair products more believe that the official information, increase the brand logo can increase the user's trust in advertising, thereby increasing the user's click on the ads.) )

7. Design based on user's trust--user Rating

(Design concept: Most users buy goods when it is to see the product review, the increase of user scoring function to help users to make decisions on the content of the purchase of advertising, to reassure users of the credibility of the ads query.) )

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