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Currently, a poor android application is charging fees. A large number of developers rely on built-in ad clicks and application promotion and download revenues are meager. Because Apple has such a platform, Apple developers have a lot of revenue. This section describes the SP billing method in Android, which provides you with an option to make money.

SP billing is a billing method that directly deducts the fee from the user's mobile phone bill by sending SMS messages to the SP provider in the mobile phone application. The basic process is as follows:



Description of the basic process:

0. First, the developer needs to get one or more available SP channels (the methods and methods are different, and I will talk about them later. Here we will focus on the technology first ). The SP channel is a billing method assigned to you by the SP provider, including but not limited to: On-demand short MMS, monthly Short MMS, WAP, and IVR. Vod is billed on a per-item basis, while subscription is billed on a monthly basis. Each channel has different charges. Here we use on-demand SMS as an example.

1. the developer application must have the permission to send text messages. select an appropriate billing channel for different billing amounts and send the specified text message content to the SMS number allocated by the SP (usually starting with 106 ).

2. for most channel operators, a secondary confirmation message is sent to the user's mobile phone. The content includes but is not limited: allow the user to reply to yes or no, y/N, specific numbers, calculation results of a simple calculation question, simple questions, and so on.

3. the user replies to the text message according to the specified content.

4. The carrier verifies the reply content, deducts the fee if it is correct, and sends a notification to the SP provider corresponding to the port. The content includes the user's mobile phone number and corresponding services.Code, Fee, time, etc.

5. After receiving the notification, SP processes internal services, mainly for billing registration and deduction (wild goose feathers. Then, send the synchronous Message to the developer server.

6. Connect the mobile app to the developer server to query the billing result.

It is not complicated at the technical level. Here we will talk about other things beyond the technical level:

SP is equivalent to middlemen of carriers and apps. The channels are allocated to SP companies by carriers based on their operating qualifications. Starting from the era of shanzhai, SP companies, CP (content providers), and operators have made a lot of money. Due to the fast and convenient billing method, It also produces adverse behaviors, such as hidden deductions and malicious fee deduction. The operator has introduced various policies and measures for this behavior, and the above secondary confirmation is generated. At the same time, it has tightened the review and use of the billing channel. The current billing channel has the following features:

1. Large companies have and a small number of high-quality channels.

2. SMS channels are the most common.

3. Mobile users are the most, and their policies are the strictest.

4. Each billing channel operator sets a minimum income limit. If the income falls below the specified quota, it will be penalized. Otherwise, the channel will be shut down.

5. The proportion is relatively low for developers (ranging from 10% to 50% ).

6. Due to policy reasons, the availability of channels varies frequently in various provinces.

PS: the so-called quality channel generally refers to "SMS", "nationwide", "variable Text message content", and "high charges"


In view of the above points, I personally think SP billing is more suitable for developers with certain strength. For small-and medium-sized developers, we can use the fourth point to look for small SP vendors to cooperate and use free channels to ensure a win-win situation.

Similarly, the above points will also affect the specific technical implementation, and the more important is the 6th point. The built-in billing channels of developer applications must be dynamically configured. It is not easy for small and medium-sized developers to have a billing channel available in all regions of the country, it is best to find several more SP combinations.

If you can find a third-party proxy (for example, App Exchange provides this service for game apps, you can refer to the built-in SMS billing in Android "Hulai Three Kingdoms" for details. In addition, the app billing method is released by mobile's own mm), so that it is responsible for channel opening and maintenance, which can avoid a lot of trouble and focus on the app.


The above is an overview of the SP billing method, hoping to help you.


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