MSN vulnerabilities continue to provide 6 major principles of security screensaver

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Recently, MSN's security problems can say a lot of loopholes. For example, the "MSN Sexy album" virus, LAN chat record leaks, and so on, the user's computer security information is threatened.

To enhance the awareness of safe Internet access, the Windows Live Messenger China Web page has launched a security feature screensaver for users to download. From that we can learn how the lovely messenger Buddy doctors and patients are cooperating to fight the virus.

Six point principle:

First, do not disclose the MSN username and password in any third party website or software without Microsoft authentication, do not divulge the MSN username and password to the third party manufacturer or individual.

Second, do not login to the third party Web page MSN, to prevent the user name and password is recorded and embezzled;

Third, regular access to MSN Official certification site, change the personal MSN Password, to prevent the account information stolen;

Four, cautious use of the MSN without Microsoft certification Plug-ins, to prevent user name and password stolen;

Five, to ensure that in the MSN Settings, open the automatic file transfer virus scanning options, timely update virus library, and visit MSN Official website to get the latest security tips;

Six, do not receive unidentified or suspicious documents and links.

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