My company's real story-the year is over, the economic crisis, the collapse of the market, the loss of unemployment, the business trip, and the business trip should be careful.

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Economic crisis. Be careful when traveling or not on a business trip.]

Economic Crisis: security is estimated to be poor this winter .. What can happen! Not too peaceful 2008 Year!
Be careful when traveling or not on a business trip...
Topic : Pay attention to security during business trips, Forward a Schneider CRA Colleagues Stay in a four-star hotel
This year, many factories in Guangdong closed down, and the number of unemployed tourists soared. 500 . The crime rate is soaring. Please always pay attention to security when traveling!

When traveling and going to Guangzhou, you should pay more attention.
Close the door and hook up the chain. !

I Yu 2008 Year 10 Month 9 Day/night 6 : 40 Stay at Guangzhou Ocean Hotel 1712 After the room, 7 : 15 I was watching the evening news broadcast during a short break. Some people knocked on the door softly. I didn't open the door for the first time. I knocked again about half a minute later and claimed that the waiter had called to open the door, when I opened a door, 2 The young man rushed into the room with a dagger and asked me if I was XX or not. I said you were looking for the wrong person and shouted, but he was immediately blocked, forced me to the bathroom, used their own packing tape, cut the hotel towel and my trousers into a tape, covered my eyes, blocked my mouth, and tied my hands, my feet were also tied up, and then they showed that their real purpose was to rob me, and asked me how much I had. I said there was more than one thousand yuan, and they said so little, so I went to the room and searched them. They found the bank card in my wallet and forced me to ask my bank password. I said I was wrong once and cut down two fingers. I told them that I was helpless. So one of them looked at me and the other went out to the bank to withdraw money. After the payment is received, the other person returns to the room, 2 I was taken from the bathroom to bed. After 2 I don't understand what people talk about because they speak Cantonese. Then the cashier went out and did not return to the room. The other person kept guarding me, fearing that I would trigger an alarm until dawn the next day. 6 Click More to exit. In the long distance 12 During the period of one hour, they often thought that the money was too small (more than sixteen thousand) and told me to ask my family to try again. I told them that the bank was closed so late and it was inconvenient to pay for the money, if they make money so late, they will surely know that something has happened, and they will surely be shocked. This will not be good for you to leave. Maybe they feel that they have some reason and have not insisted on it. I also asked my computer (company's) how to open it. I said it was complicated to open it. I had to open it before trying to show it to them. I advised them not to take the computer, I said that I would need to use my work the next day, and you will also pay attention to selling (selling stolen goods), and the computer will not be taken away. In the middle of the night, there were many phone calls between them. I really don't know what they are going to do next. at, I was particularly worried about taking me out of the hotel and launching further extortion in the desert. I tried to persuade the thirsty and the robbers to leave (so that my personal safety can be guaranteed) many times, while the robbers kept me away and repeatedly claimed " Do " Drop me. Until dawn of the next day 6 After a few minutes, I quit again, and then I broke away from the rope.
And then generate an alarm. 10 I joined the police in the morning to conduct an investigation. In the afternoon, I left Guangzhou and went back to Shanghai.
I am very grateful to the leaders and colleagues of the Company for their great support. I had cash at the time. 1300 About, Thai baht 2000 RMB ( Rmb400 Yuan), from my ICBC card 5500 RMB, procedure
Fee 61 Yuan; Pudong card 7300 RMB, service fee 40 Yuan; PUFA credit card removed 2000 RMB. In addition, the pants are about to be torn down. 300 Yuan, shirt 250 RMB. I wanted to go on a business trip and stay at the hotel. This was an accident that shocked me and my family. I want an ordinary employee to bear such huge losses and suffering, and my spirit is really hard to support. So I informed the company leaders immediately after the incident. The company also quickly sent a colleague from the Guangzhou office for support. Thank you. Now I have returned to Shanghai and my office. 9 The long approaching day and night 12 Hours are shown in my mind just like movie clips. I want to ask the company's leaders, trade unions, and legal departments to give me support, urge Guangzhou police to pay attention to the case, handle the case promptly, arrest the suspects, and provide legal justice, defends the company's dignity and personal rights and interests. In addition, as the company's protocol, the hotel experienced such a shocking thing at pm, and the hotel's security work was hard to escape. Ask the company leaders to help me recover losses and justice.

This afternoon, I took a vacation at home because I caught a cold. while I was watching TV, the cable TV signal suddenly broke. When I was wondering, I happened to have a call from the company, I had to deal with the official business, so I talked to my colleagues about the official business. After the call was over, the doorbell rang at home and asked who it was. If I didn't answer the question, I continued to ring the doorbell, so I opened the door, A young man in a camouflage suit speaks Mandarin and asks at the exit: Is there a problem with cable TV when you call your house. Although I caught a cold, I was not confused. I immediately said, "No, our home cable TV is normal. The door is closed.
As a result, the other party went to ring the doorbell of the neighbor. The husband and wife of the neighbor were both at home, and the young man left after two sentences.
In another thought, I was scared. This is obviously a scam intended for burglary.
The gangster first observed on the floor, watched who was watching TV, and then went downstairs to cut off the cable TV connector of the household. After waiting for a few minutes, it is estimated that after the household Owner reported to the cable TV transmission station for repair, it is waiting for the door. If there is only one person in the house, the robbery will be carried out.
Fortunately, when I received a call from the company when I had no TV signal, I was not fooled by having no time to report to the cable TV transmission station. Later, I went downstairs to the cable TV box and saw that the cable TV connector at home had been cut off by scissors.
The New Year's Eve is approaching, and the current public security is very chaotic. I thought this was a long journey away from myself. I did not expect that I would really experience it myself, write it out, and remind me JMS Note. When a person is at home, do not be vigilant, do not open the door to strangers. If a call is made , At least half a day , And , Before coming, the staff will call you and confirm with you. , Remember

Another similar method is to cut off the power, especially at night. Generally, the electric brake will be downstairs, and suddenly no electricity (rarely seen in foreign countries) may think it was a trip. At this time, you must be careful when going out to see it. It is best to first look out the window before going out, whether it is only your own electricity or this community has stopped. 

Out, be careful. Especially when the year ends, the thieves are very busy.

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