My camera is my decision! Olympus production record (last)

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The camera is a kind of complex machine (I just refer to the outside to see and draw out the part), the whole drawing process is written out, the length is very long, see friends need to have patience. Although the process is long, but not difficult to do, basically by the gradient and layer style composition. Look at the completion chart first.

1. Create a new 600*300 document with a white background.
Create a new layer 1, select the Rounded Rectangle tool, and in the top tool option in the window, select "Creating a fresh work path" with a radius of 40 pixels.
Pull a rounded rectangle in the canvas and press Ctrl+enter to convert the path to a selection. (01)

Figure 01

2. Select the gradient tool, the gradient type is linear, click the Gradient small box in the upper left corner of the window to enter the gradual change editor, edit fade as shown, from left to right color values are: r185/g185/b185,r140/g140/b140,r195/g195/b/195,r153/ g153/b153.

Figure 02

3. Press "good" back to the layer, in the selection from top to bottom of the pull line gradient. (Hold down SHIFT to make sure the line is vertical) (03)

Figure 03

4. Add slight noise to the image. Perform filters-noise-add noise, number 1.5%, distribute evenly, tick monochrome. (04)

Figure 04

5. Name this layer the "fuselage". Create a new layer, with a rectangular marquee tool to draw a slightly smaller than the height of the fuselage, the width of slightly larger rectangular, casually fill a color. Then double-click the layer setting layer style to set the fill opacity in the Advanced blend to 0% (opacity is 0, so just let's fill in what color is OK), choose Bevel and Emboss, size 5 pixel, soften tune to maximum 16 pixel, shadow angle 75, Height 30, tick global light, high light opacity 85, Darkened opacity 50, others by default.

Back to layer, press ctrl+g and fuselage layer, then press Crtl+e to merge down to fuselage layer. (05)

Figure 05

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