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My camera is my decision! Olympus production record (last)

The camera is a kind of complex machine (I just refer to the outside to see and draw out the part), the whole drawing process is written out, the length is very long, see friends need to have patience. Although the process is long, but not difficult to do, basically by the gradient and layer style composition. Look at the completion chart first. 1. Create a new 600*300 document with a white background.Crea

Codeforces round #516 (Div. 1, by Moscow team Olympus IAD) E

Question chain description To assign a laser to a specified receiver and maximize the number, you only need to place a plane mirror at N * n positions.Sol We found that one row either put '/' or only '\', and answer = n | answer = n-1, which can be merged backwards.Description #include Codeforces round #516 (Div. 1, by Moscow team Olympus IAD) E

Custom camera (1), custom camera (

Custom camera (1), custom camera (To customize a camera in versions earlier than 5.0, follow these steps: 1. Create a custom camera. 1. Locate and obtain the

"Vision-Camera 1" OpenCV Call Industrial camera (USB interface and GigE interface)

Capture (1);//1--USB is limited, no USB on the network, if using a notebook;-1 select multiple camera interfaces; 0 Default-camera, if using a laptop camera) Actually 0,1 ... Device ID number see WIN7 under Device Manager-image d

Camera camera 7660/7670/7225/9650 and program Process (1)

, 0xf0,0x65,0x20,0x11, 0x03,0x0d, 0x41,0x41,0x00,0x42, 0x7f,0x63, 0xe0,0x64, 0xff,0x13, 0xf0,0x22, 0x7f,0x23,0x03,0x24, 0x40,0x25, 0x30,0x26, 0xa1,0x6b, 0xaa,0x13, 0xf7,0x90,0x05,0x91,0x01,0x92,0x03,0x93,0x00,0x94, 0xb0,0x95, 0x9d,0x96,0X13,0x97,0x16,0x98, 0x7b,0x99,0x91,0x9a, 0x1e,0x9b, 0x08,0x9c, 0x20,0x9e, 0x81,0xa6, 0x04,0x7e, 0x0e,0x7f, 0x22,0x80, 0x3f,0x81,0x63,0x82, 0x6e,0x83,0x77,0x84,0x80,0x85, 0x88,0x86,0x90,0x87,0x97,0x88, 0xa4,0x89, 0xaf,0x8a, 0xc5,0x8b, 0xd7,0x8c, 0xe8,0x8d, 0x20,0x

Android framework camera review-Relationship between Camera CameraClient ICamera (1)-cl and c-) Where does mCamera go?

Android framework camera review-Relationship between Camera CameraClient ICamera (1)-cl and c-) Where does mCamera go? Status_t Camera: connectLegacy (int cameraId, int halVersion, const String16 clientPackageName, {sp C = new Camera (cameraId); s Int clientUid, sp A

Android Framework Camera Review-camera cameraclient Icamera Relationship (1) where-cl and C->mcamera go

status_t camera::connectlegacy (int cameraid, int halversion, const string16 Clientpackagename, int Clientuid, spAnalyze where CL and C->mcamera pass to.Android Framework Camera Review-camera cameraclient Icamera Relationship (1) where-cl and C->mcamera go

Android Camera (1)

The Android framework supports a variety of Camera and the available Camera functions on it. It allows you to capture photos and videos in applications. This article describes how to quickly and easily take photos and videos, and describes an advanced method for users to create custom Camera experience. Notes Before enabling applications to use the

Fs_s5pc100 Linux camera driver development (1)

Author: Liu Hongtao,Hua Qing vision embedded college lecturer. Note:Understanding the camera driver requires four prerequisites:1) The basic working principle of the camera and the working principle of the camera controller integrated with s5pc1002) working principles of platform_device and platform_driver3) Linux kern

Study Notes on Cocos 3D functions (1) --- camera and cocos Study Notes

Study Notes on Cocos 3D functions (1) --- camera and cocos Study Notes Personal Original, welcome to reprint, reprint please note the address, column address http://blog.csdn.net/bill_man Preface With the improvement of mobile phone hardware and fierce competition in the gaming industry, gamers no longer need to meet the requirements of the Game Image in 2D mode. In the past, 3D Game Development was general

Zxing source code analysis (1) camera, zxingcamera

Zxing source code analysis (1) camera, zxingcamera First, let's download the source code of zxing. There are a lot of resources on the Internet. I downloaded 2.3 of them. I have to say that the package provided by Google contains a wide range of functions.After I decompress the downloaded package, find the android folder and import it to ecplise. Let's analyze the architecture

Ov9650 camera driver-Linux kernel v4l2 Architecture Analysis 1

v4l2 and the data structure designed by the application. V4l2 driver architecture (This is the underlying write driver that provides the corresponding access interface for the user space. You can refer to/Drivers/Media/video // zc301/zc301_core.cZc301 video driver code in It is an example of a very well-developed v4l2 architecture provided by the kernel. It can basically be modified based on it!) Finally, compile a video driver that complies with v4l2 specifications. No.

IOS Programming Camera 1, iosprogramming

IOS Programming Camera 1, iosprogramming IOS Programming Camera 1 1 Displaying Images and UIImageView 1.1 put an instance of UIImageView on the screen. Then drag an instance of UIImageView onto the view and position it below the label. A UIImageView displays an image accordi

Android Camera APP development issues (1) -- about FaceDetection

This article is a summary of my personal development of the Camera APP. It mainly introduces the basic usage and precautions of FaceDetection. If you have any mistakes or deficiencies in this article, you are welcome to criticize and correct them.1. FaceDetection1. Version supportFaceDetection is Android (Android Version 4.0, ADT 14). Whether the feature is supported depends on the limitations of the devic

Android Camera series development (1): Taking photos with Intent

Overview There are two ways to use Camera: using an existing app through Intent and building your own app through Camera. Camera statements If your application wants to use Camera, you must obtain the license and add the following statement to AndroidManifest. xml. If your application must have a

Internet of things-mobile remote Control Home camera (1)

Have such an idea, the home put a camera for security purposes or monitoring children, pets, etc.,The remote phone can control the camera by sending instructions to the camera.First of all, this idea already has the mature product, but such product has the flaw:1. Can't DIY some features, out of the bug can only wait for the manufacturer's firmware2. Due to the u

Unity Mobile Development (1): 2d camera follow

Unity starting with 4.3, Unity3d began to call unity, removing the suffix because the 4.3 version later joined the powerful native 2d development environment. For unity engineers who are familiar with 3d development, they don't need too much time to get used to the development of 2d. Today, 2d cameras follow. Because it is a 2d environment, we consider that there is a z-axis missing in the axial direction, we only need to consider the x and Y axes. Because it is a horizontal version, we lock the

Use of the Xamarin.ios camera function (1): The simplest approach

) ={resultimageview.image=ie. Originalimage; Imagepickerviewcontroller.dismissviewcontrollerasync (true ); }; Imagepickerviewcontroller.canceled+= (ObjectPsender, EventArgs pe) ={Imagepickerviewcontroller.dismissviewcontrollerasync (true ); }; Presentviewcontroller (Imagepickerviewcontroller,true,NULL); };Where Btnuiimagepickerviewcontroller is the UIButton text placed on the view Camera-uiimagepickervi

Camera related Knowledge 1

stable. We find the OV7670 information that its pixel clock up to 24Mhz, that is, the fastest 42ns can output a pixel, and we press 30 frame/s frame rate of 108ns faster, indicating that the camera can also meet the higher picture and new speed, about the fastest 1s can output 77 pictures.4. The general microcontroller and the camera communication will be added FIFO, is because the ordinary single-chip com

Uvc camera code parsing 1

I. FAQ1. determine whether your camera supports uvc standard input lsusb // list usb devices [cpp] Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b: 0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0c45: 62f1 Microdia // camera Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b: 0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub Bus 002 Device 002: ID 1a40: 0101 terminus technology inc. bus 002 Device 003: ID 17ef: 6025 Lenovo more detailed tree structure l

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