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Obtain the automatic ID of the last inserted record in SQL Server 2000

Obtain the automatic ID of the last inserted record in SQL Server 2000 in several ways. For more information, see the following description and comparison. 1. The simplest way to obtain this ID is: (here is a simple and practical example) --

SQL Server Returns the automatic ID of the last inserted record)

Recently, this problem occurs in the development project. After a record is inserted, it immediately obtains its auto-increment ID in the database to process the associated data. How can this problem be solved? You can do this in SQL Server 2000 in

SQL Server queries the first and last records of the current record

Example: If an employee table tb_user contains the field ID, name, and num (employee ID), the SQL statements of the former employee whose id = 20 is queried and the latter employee whose ID is 20 are: Previous employee: Select top 1 * From tb_user

Duplicate records in SQL query table repeat the last record method

SQL statements remove duplicate records, get duplicate records --Query a table to effectively remove duplicate records, UserID as a self-growing primary key, Roleid as a repeating field The code is as follows Copy Code

SQL Server learning record gets the first and last day of every quarter of each month

DECLARE@dtdatetimeSET@dt=GETDATE()DECLARE@numberintSET@number=3--1. Specify a date the first or last day of the year--A. The first day of the yearSelectconvert (Char(5),@dt, -)+'1-1'--B. The last day of the yearSelectconvert (Char(5),@dt, -)+'12-31'-

How to query the last record through MySQL

MySQL query last record is seldom used in PHP, this article will explain its related operations. The first thing to determine is what is the last one.Is the most recent edit time for the last one, or the last one that has the largest number of

Ms SQL Server 2000 administrator manual series-30. Microsoft SQL Server Management

30. Microsoft SQL Server ManagementAutomatic Setting of SQL ServerDatabase Maintenance PlanSummaryUsing appropriate settings and performing routine maintenance tasks in the database is the key to optimizing the server. This chapter describes the

SQL SQL Server (verbose) SQL statement optimization _mssql

MS SQL Server Query optimization methodThere are many reasons for the slow speed of queries, which are common1, no indexes, or no indexes (this is the most common problem with query slowness, is the flaw in programming)2, I/o throughput is small,

Ms SQL Server 2000 administrator manual series-13. T-SQL and SQL query Analyzer

13. T-SQL and SQL query AnalyzerWhat is SQL?What is T-SQL?Introduce new features of T-SQLHow to Use T-SQLSummaryIn this chapter, we will introduce some basic concepts about the Structured Query Language and transact-SQL and their differences. This

Select @ identity gets the ID automatically generated when the last record is inserted.

Select @ identity usage 11:25:39| Category: JSP Dev|Report|Font SizeSubscription Use select @ identity to obtain the ID automatically generated when the last record is inserted. If you use a stored procedure, the Code is as follows: Set @ [email

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