MyEclipse necessary configuration after re-loading

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First, JDK location
Each machine agrees to the existence of multiple JDK version numbers, which can be selected at compile time using the required JDK. myeclipse->properties->java->installed JREs Choosing a JDK location

ii.. File Encoding
①window->preference->general->content type, expand each item and enter UTF-8 in the default encoding and click UpdateButton
②window->preference->myeclipse->files and Editors, such as changing the encoding of a JSP item to an ISO 10645/unicode (UTF-8)

Third, the file default open mode
Windows->preferences->general->editors->file associations, set the default play *.jsp Editor Association to the required tool

Iv. canceling the spell check
Window->preferences->general->text editor->spelling Cancel the Enable spell checking and then compile again to

Five, adjust the code format
Window->preferences->java->code Style->formatter
According to the custom adjustment code format, can make the XML of the code format file that has been exported

six, font settings
Window->preferences->general->appearance->colors and fonts->basic-> Text font Click Edit to change

Vii. location of Tomcat
①myeclipse->servers->tomat6.x Specify Tomcat Decompression location
②myeclipse->servers->tomat6.x->jdk Specifying the JDK location

viii. location of maven
① Installing MAVEN, unzip
2 Configuring Environment Variables: Add m2_home:e:\maven\apache-maven-3.1.1, add Path:e:\\maven\apache-maven-3.1.1\bin
3 Copy the settings.xml file from Maven conf, place it anywhere and specify the local warehouse location in the file

Configuring Maven in ②ide
Configuring Maven in MyEclipse or STS is the same:
Preference->maven->installations Select the extracted Maven folder (without the embedded maven)
Preference->maven->user settings-> Choose to place the settings.xml in any location (the file is copied from the maven/conf, change the local warehouse address)

MyEclipse necessary configuration after re-loading

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