Net Applications: 67% of Internet Explorer shares remaining to catch up with competitors

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According to the project team members, the tool for converting IE7/8 to IE6 was very popular yesterday.ArticleLike I think, I think it is better to take care of IE 7/8 in a short time, and then Firefox in order to add chrome for long-term consideration. But I usually develop on Firefox and use jquery. There are still some problems in IE, and I need to modify it occasionally... Finally, we can test it on different browsers. Browsers of different versions still need to be installed on different computers. Is there any good solution? It seems that I have seen a website that can be viewed in the past. It is estimated that it will not work...




NET applications research institutions adjusted the global version of the use of the statistical model, the latest figures show that IE browser competitors are still aggressive.In the past seven or eight months, Mozilla's Firefox rose most significantly, from 22.5% to 23%; Google Chrome rose from 2.6% to 2.8%; Apple's Safari flat disk 4.1%; and IE dropped from 67.7% to 67%. Opera ranks fifth, which is also 2% on average.
Although the company remains ahead of the curve, its competitors are constantly adding new features to turn the Web into a better platform for running applications. This is Netscape's vision in the 1990 s, but Microsoft has not been serious until recently.
View the HTML 5 standard. Microsoft is eager to let users replace IE 6. According to the number of Net Applications, this practice has already seen results.


Internet Explorer's competitors are generally on the rise in July (above) compared with the figures in August.

The IE 6 version is still used by most people, but has gradually declined.

Internet Explorer 8's usage in January jumped from 12.5% to 15.1% in January, while Internet Explorer
6 drops from 27.2% to 25.3%. IE 7 dropped from 23.1% to 21.1%. Firefox released by Mozilla in July
Version 3.5 is upgraded from version 4.5% to version 8.9%. Firefox 3.0 drops from 16.2% to 12.5%.

To make Web applications run smoothly, it is very important to use a more modern browser. It is difficult for old browsers to support the latest web page rendering, image and HTML functions (such as built-in audio and video). The most important thing is that it is difficult to run web-based JavaScript applications.

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