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Express|window with the development of the network and the birth of various information media, people have more and more ways and means of information exchange, but, because of the high cost of communication all over the world, and People's life rhythm is getting faster, The use of Low-cost and convenient e-mail to exchange information is still one of the most important ways of information exchange.
The built-in Outlook Express in Windows 2000 is a more sophisticated, easy-to-use e-mail management software that enables worldwide online communication on the desktop, whether it's exchanging e-mails with colleagues and friends, or joining newsgroups for ideas and information. Outlook Express will be the most effective assistant.
Outlook Express 5 is an e-mail and news program that you can use to send and receive messages, join an Internet newsgroup, or even e-mail an HTML page. Users can also import contacts and address books from other mail programs, and even check e-mail messages without having to open Outlook Express 5.
Outlook Express 5 has been further refined and developed functionally, with many new features compared to previous versions. These new features make Outlook EXPRESS5 more powerful and easier to use. Here's a brief introduction to the new features of Outlook Express 5:
Multi-user identification and signature
The Identity Manager can create the appropriate configuration file for different users. These profiles can be shared in applications such as Outlook Express 5 and the Windows Address Book.
Users can create useful text or files as countless signatures, each of which can be associated with one or more mail or news accounts, and help determine the authenticity of the message.
Support for Hotmail account
The new version of Outlook EXPRESS5 can be used to read Hotmail messages and manage Hotmail inboxes and folders. However, the dialog box for setting up accounts may be in English and may not fully support messages in certain languages when users access accounts from a Web browser.
Offline support and Message synchronization
In Outlook Express, news and IMAP folders can be downloaded and read offline. Some of the actions that users take offline, such as sending a message, moving a message in the same IMAP account, and so on, are implemented when they are back online, enabling the message to sync.
Contacts pane and enhanced message rules
A contact pane is added below the folder list in the main window of Outlook EXPRESS5, and the user can see the contacts in the Windows Address Book in the main window of Outlook Express and can manage them.
Outlook EXPRESS5 enhances message rules, supports more conditions and operations, greatly enhances the management of user messages, and reduces the processing time of users ' mail. In addition, Outlook EXPRESS5 provides newsgroup rules to prevent the downloading of too many newsgroup articles.
Secure mail and integrated Phone Dialer
Outlook EXPRESS5 can secure e-mail by digital IDs (certificates) that automatically find digital certificates installed on your computer, associate them with mail accounts, and automatically add digital certificates that others send to users to your Windows Address Book.
By using Phone Dialer installed in the system, users can easily dial out a call to contacts in the Windows Address Book.
I M A p drafts and sent mail
Outlook EXPRESS5 can store the messages you are composing in a server-based Drafts folder and leave a copy of the sent message in a Sent Items folder on your IMAP server.
Whether you subscribe to newsgroups or not, users can customize the IMAP folders that you want to show or hide in the folder list to facilitate viewing.
Advanced Internet Directory Search and conversation policies
Directory services are powerful search tools for finding users and business partners around the world. The Address Book supports LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) access to directory services, and its built-in features enable access to the most popular directory services. Users can also add additional directory services from an Internet service provider. Like Internet search tools, directory services collect data in different ways.
You can set a news or mail session to be tracked to receive new messages under this topic at any time, or to set a thread to "ignored" to reject new messages under this topic.
HTML source file editing and message filtering
Users can easily edit the source file of an HTML message to use this message to include more HTML tags.
Outlook EXPRESS5 allows users to customize which messages should be displayed or hidden through more than 10 rules, such as displaying all messages, hiding read messages, and so on.
Stationery wizard and improved connection management
The Stationery wizard makes it easier to customize HTML stationery, allowing users to set margins, fonts, background images, and colors.
Outlook Express 5 can share connection settings with Internet Explorer 5, and can detect the connection status of users and phone lines or local area networks. When you need to connect, Outlook Express is automatically connected or prompted.

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