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New Microsoft one-stop exampleCodeThe library was updated and downloaded on April 9, June 2.

: Http://

You can also download and manage the required sample code on demand through the sample code browser or Visual Studio extension of the sample code browser.


If this is the first time you have heard of the all-in-one code framework (one-stop sample code library) project, please refer to the Chinese description of Microsoft's one-stop development technical framework solution, and this video: Workshop.


New sample dynamics code


This is the first dynamics nav sample code in the all-in-one sample code library. Written by Lars lohnddorf-Larsen and Jasminka Thunes from the dynamics team in the UK. The sample code demonstrates how to use the Web service provided by Microsoft Dynamics NAV to perform the following operations:

Call nav codeunit
Create a nav page instance object
Read all records
Filter records
Read a single record
Insert a record
Insert multiple records
Modify a record
Modify multiple records
Delete a record


New Internet Explorer sample code
Cscustomiecontextmenu, vbcustomiecontextmenu

C # version:

The sample code shows how to customize the context menu of IE. The project demonstrates a custom "open image in new tab" menu item. When you right-click an image on a webpage, this menu item replaces the default context menu of IE. Click this menu item to open the selected image on a new ie tab. In this example, you can understand:

How to insert custom menu items to IE standard context menu
How to Use BHO to completely replace IE's standard context menu
How to deploy custom ie context menu

Csiedownloadmanager, vbiedownloadmanager

C # version:

This example shows how to implement the IE custom Download Manager. After installation, when ie starts to download a file, a custom downloadProgram(CS/vbwebdownloader.exe), instead of the built-in Download Manager of IE, it will be started to download files.



Windows general new sample code
Cscpuusage and vbcpuusage

C # version:

This sample code demonstrates how to use performancecounter to track the CPU usage of a system or a process.


Cscreateminidump, vbcreateminidump

C # version:

Program crash is a headache. In particular, released programs crash on the customer's machine. Memory Dump needs to be analyzed to deal with such application crashes. However, most application users do not know how to generate a memory dump and send it back to the product manufacturer. This example shows how to embed the memory dump generation after a program crash into your application. It starts with your application and detects whether your application crashes unexpectedly. If a crash is detected, a memory dump is automatically generated for analysis by the product manufacturer.


Cssoftkeyboard, vbsoftkeyboard

C # version:

This example demonstrates how to create a soft keyboard (also known as a screen or virtual keyboard ).



Visual Studio extensibility (vsx) and TFs new sample code
Cscustomizevstoolboxitem, vbcustomizevstoolboxitem

C # version:

If you customize the toolbox of Visual Studio 2010 and add a custom item to it, the display name and tooltip are the same by default. This example shows how to add a Visual Studio toolbox item and customize its tooltip content.


Cstfseventlistener, vbtfseventlistener

C # version:

The sample code demonstrates how to create a TFs event listener through the WCF console application. The WCF Service is used to register a TFs checkin event. If a user checks in a Changeset that meets the condition, TFS will call the y method of the WCF Service.

Thanks to csdn for its support for the one-stop sample code library. If you have any feedback, please email to


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