No need for software windows to encrypt folders, no need for windows Encryption

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No need for software windows to encrypt folders, no need for windows Encryption

See it on hundreds of encyclopedias and put it in a blog for viewing.

1. Open notepad first. Of course, if your computer contains text editing software similar to notepad ++, you can also use word. The advantage of using such software is code highlighting, which looks comfortable and reduces error rates.

2. Enter the following code:

1 cls 2 3 @ echo off 4 5 title Folder Private 6 7 if EXIST "Locker" goto UNLOCK 8 9 if not exist Private goto MDLOCKER10 11: CONFIRM12 13 echo Are you sure you want to lock the folder (Y/N) 14 15 set/p "cho =>" 16 17 if % cho % = Y goto LOCK18 19 if % cho % = y goto LOCK20 21 if % cho % = n goto END22 23 if % cho % = N goto END24 25 echo Invalid choice.26 27 goto CONFIRM28 29: LOCK30 31 ren Private "Locker" 32 33 attrib + h + s "Locker" 34 35 echo Folder locked36 37 goto End38 39: UNLOCK40 41 echo Enter password to unlock folder42 43 set/p "pass =>" 44 45 if NOT % pass % = password goto FAIL46 47 attrib-h-s "Locker" 48 49 ren" locker "Private50 51 echo Folder Unlocked successfully52 53 goto End54 55: FAIL56 57 echo Invalid password58 59 goto end60 61: MDLOCKER62 63 md Private64 65 echo Private created successfully66 67 goto End68 69: End

After testing, the above "password" is the password you want to give to the folder!

3. Save As A. bat file


4. Double-click to run the task. A Private folder is automatically generated.

5. Now you can put the file you want to encrypt into this private folder. Move the file and double-click the. bat file.

6. Enter Y to lock the folder. After you press enter, the program is automatically closed and the folder disappears?

You can test that the locked folder cannot be found even in the visible hidden file state. Extremely concealed. Only the. bat file is left.

7. When you want to enter your encrypted folder, you just need to double-click to open the. bat file. In this case, you need to enter the password. You only need to enter the password set in notepad.

8. After you press enter, you will find that the encrypted folder appears.

After testing, this method is acceptable!


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