No Internet cafes in Japan? View China-Japan Business differences

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After the customer finishes his/her consumption in the book club, he/she will pay according to the duration of his/her departure. The general charge is 400 yen (about 25 RMB) for the first two hours ), the next 15 minutes will charge 150 yen (about 10 yuan ). Hotels and hotels in Japan are very expensive. At night, people like students who cannot return to their homes will also choose "cartoon tea" for the night, because some "cartoon tea" shops are open 24 hours a day, an overnight stay is provided, and the fee is about 1000 yen (about 70 yuan ).

So what can I do with my computer in the cartoon tea club? In my own opinion, the computers used in "cartoon tea" are mostly Dell machines and desktop computers. Basically, Windows XP systems are installed, no special management and monitoring software is installed like a Chinese Internet cafe. You can use USB interfaces and optical drives. There are also a lot of popular online games on the machine, and you can watch cartoons and TV series, people who need to use a computer to handle work can also use it conveniently, although there is no high-price software such as office and Photoshop installed on the computer, however, some free software with similar functions have been installed, such as, word reader, and Excel reader. Japanese "Internet cafes" are also working hard not to use pirated software.

Do you see the differences between Japanese "Internet cafes" and China? The following points are summarized:

1. Basically, there are no "Internet cafes" with dozens or hundreds of computers like China put together to provide network services ".

2. network services are provided not just by networks and computers.

3. People who use public computers do not necessarily play games, chat, and other entertainment, but also work.

4. Unlike Chinese people, most Japanese people invite friends to play games in "Internet cafes.

5. The use of public computers in Japan is not subject to much restrictions as in China and can be used freely.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Japan, you must go to "cartoon tea" in Japan to experience different network methods!

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