[Novel serialization] Zhang Xiaoqing, on the road (28)-middle-aged crisis

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One day in April, Zhang Xiaoqing and Wang Xiaoli went to the Third Hospital of North medicine and the Reproductive Medicine Center next to Beihang, where they went, which made Zhang Xiaoqing very embarrassed. Three months later, Wang Xiaoli was not pregnant, which made her very worried. She said, I am all 30, and it is very difficult to have a new life. Zhang Fang was also in a hurry. She looked for a tutu doctor in the village who said she was best at infertility before graduation. The doctor said she had a Zun, wang Xiaoli drank some herbs sent from her hometown three days ago. After another month, there was still no activity, wang Xiaoli finally decided to take his man to the west hospital for examination. In the morning, jingtong was quickly blocked. This showed that the meeting was over again. Wang Xiaoli was worried and worried that he could not get up. But Zhang Xiaoqing looked relaxed. He comforted Wang Xiaoli. In such a place, there were not many people to go, as you go. Zhang Xiaoqing was surprised when he came out from the subway station. All the people in the reproductive center lined up at the entrance of Beijing airlines. As a last resort, Beijing Airlines's security guards had come out to maintain order.

Why? Zhang Xiaoqing asked himself, he suddenly remembered that every time he walked on the road, including in the drug store, on the telephone pole, there were all kinds of advertisements for zhuangyang, which he had never cared about before. This time, he finally understood that in this country, most men are impotence.

At, Zhang Xiaoqing arranged the number for the afternoon. The doctor did not wait for Zhang Xiaoqing to finish the situation and opened a checklist. After paying the money, the men continued to queue up in front of the toilet. One of the three pitfalls went wrong, all men do not speak with a single face, and no one goes into the queue. In such a place, the only man with a sense of accomplishment can only be those doctors. Finally, it was Zhang Xiaoqing's turn. When he was preparing to enter, a nurse suddenly said that the lab would not receive specimens after work. Zhang Xiaoqing opened his mouth and waited in the queue in the morning until now. How do I get off work after work? When he went to the nurse, the nurse simply ignored him. He thought that he would have to come again next time. Zhang Xiaoqing's head was big. Here, Wang Xiaoli just came out of the clinic, and she smiled and said, what about you? Said Zhang Xiaoqing. I seem to have to come again.

Later, Zhang Xiaoqing handed over the money and the paper became waste paper. When he was about to go to Beijing, Wang Xiaoli was pregnant. Wang Xiaoli asked him to refund his money, but he did not want to. That is a depressing place. After being pregnant, Wang Xiaoli reacted a lot, and her legs quickly swollen and she didn't want to eat anything. At work this day, Zhang Xiaoqing suddenly received a call from Wang Xiaoli, saying that she was bleeding. She took a vacation and went to Wang Xiaoli to pick her up at the hospital. The doctor said she had a threatened abortion, you cannot go to work and must have a rest. The two men discussed it for a long time. Wang Xiaoli's company is in Beijing and it takes four hours to go to work every day. She is pregnant, cannot go to the construction site, and cannot take over the job. The basic salary is 800 yuan, no one will give up his seat on the 1949th. People are too hard. In the end, they decided that Wang Xiaoli would have a rest at home if she didn't go to work. Zhang Xiaoqing's life has changed. At half past six every morning, Zhang Xiaoqing got up. He made breakfast for Wang Xiaoli and then washed herself. At half past seven, he went out to get to the company at half past six, and got off work at seven o'clock, a little delayed. He set off at half past eight and got home at. Wang Xiaoli had picked up the food and started to cook dinner, after dinner, Wang Xiaoli watched TV at, and then washed the dishes and toiletries. At, his day was over. At the very beginning, Zhang Xiaoqing was still standing on 930 to read the book, but he soon found that what he most wanted to do was to have a sleep session. On weekends, he also wanted to open the computer to write a program, but it became no longer a reality. One day, Wang Xiaoli suddenly burst into a bad temper with Zhang Xiaoqing and shut down the computer! When did you spend the whole day with me ?! Zhang Xiaoqing understands that Wang Xiaoli is pregnant. When a person is at home, his life is very sad. Wang Gang has just given birth to a child and his parents in the future cannot come. Here, his mother's legs still need crutches and they need to take care of themselves, my father has a few months to retire. As a result, Zhang Xiaoqing no longer reads books, but does not write programs at work. Every day, when he feels the happiest, he watches TV with Wang Xiaoli. He suddenly finds that he has not watched TV for a long time, there are still some TV series.

When I had lunch this day, the project manager Suddenly said: Our company's salary is not high, but it is enough for mixed-day people.

Zhang Xiaoqing's heart was suddenly stabbed. He knew who the manager was talking about. He had already said something similar to himself more than once. He was talking about himself. To be honest, this cannot blame the manager. The technical solution is changed in the middle of the project, and everyone is assigned a learning task out of work. The progress is very tight, but they cannot spare time to study, several times, he forgot the homework assigned by the manager.

The manager finally asked Zhang Xiaoqing separately. He said, I think you are not suitable for technology. The atmosphere was a bit depressing. For a moment, Zhang Xiaoqing felt deeply insulted. in a strange way, he suddenly remembered Qin Tao and criticized the technical solution he had chosen in front of everyone, he must have felt the same way as he was now. Is this a retribution? Do you believe in a causal cycle?

After talking to the manager, Zhang Xiaoqing thought that he might have something to do, but then he thought that his heart suddenly went dark, and you were just a project manager, why do you say this to me? What do you mean? I am like this. You have no right to fire me. You can't afford to raise your salary. What are you afraid, what do I fear. With this thinking, his mood is excited. I took 8 hours of salary and I am working 8 hours. Who else should I do work-related things 8 hours ago. After a while, he finally thought that it was still a problem of his own. To do a good job, he had to constantly learn and think about it, it's really bad. If I was a manager, it would be quite unpleasant. But what can I do now? How can this problem be solved? Why is it like this? Why? He asked himself that he could not find the answer. Suddenly, he remembered that when he first wrote a blog, he liked to answer all the questions. He said this in a comment. You used it very carefully. I used to compare it with you, but now I am 30, I have no time to study that way, and I am too lazy to learn it. I envy you. This is the case! Zhang Xiaoqing suddenly felt that he had found the answer. This answer is almost 30! Because of the 30 s, it is now like this! This is a reasonable answer. I am 30 years old, married, and have a family. My life is no longer as simple as before. I have a lot of things to consider, so, it's the middle-aged crisis.

In this way, Zhang Xiaoqing tried to change several times, but finally failed. He finally became a middle-aged man at Gu's house. buying food, cooking, accompanying his wife, going to the supermarket, watching TV, and squeezing a car to bed, he began to feel at ease and become lazy, he forgot his previous dream. He just watched the days as numbers in the calendar, and turned it over, without any surprises or expectations. Only one thing is an exception. This is when he buys a house. At the end of 10, his house price once again reached a bottleneck. He bought a 70-square-meter two-bedroom apartment in yanjiao, 7000 square meters, A down payment of 0.2 million or 0.2 million is definitely a big deal for him a few years ago, but with inflation, the money is not worth any more. After 12 years of the house, he handed in his down payment. It is reasonable to say that he should be happy. After all, this is the goal he and Wang Xiaoli have struggled for several years. But at this moment, he is not happy at all, for him, this seems to be a matter of course. He is neither excited nor excited. He even asked himself, is this really what he wants ?! When I came to Beijing, my goal was to build a house? Is this what you want? Maybe so, but why are you not happy at all? Why? Maybe, isn't that what I really want? Yes, this is not what I want! So what do I want? He couldn't find the answer again. Wang Xiaoli on the other side was very excited. She said that we finally had our own house, which we earned! Are you happy ?!

Zhang Xiaoqing did not give a positive answer. He fell into a 30-day panic and nodded silently.

Wang Xiaoli continued, "Xiaoqing, this is Hebei. We must buy a house in Beijing. Do you agree ?!

Zhang Xiaoqing nodded silently. Wang Xiaoli was so excited that she did not even notice her emotions.

On the last day of the year, it was quite surprising that Zhang Xiaoqing received a call from Zhou Yang. He said, brother, what has happened recently?

Said Zhang Xiaoqing. How are you doing?

Zhou Yang said, "I want to go home." No.

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