One-click USB flash drive _ How to use a USB flash drive to install the system-Windows XP system and Windows 7 system tutorial-one-click USB flash drive boot disk creation tool tutorial

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One-click USB flash drive _ How to use a USB flash drive to install the system-Windows XP system and Windows 7 system tutorial-one-click USB flash drive boot disk creation tool tutorial
Step 1: preparations and precautions before preparation

1. Download the one-click USB flash drive system software (Note: The computer memory cannot be less than 512 MB; the USB flash disk capacity is preferably not less than 1 GB ;)

2. Prepare the GHOST system you want to install. If you do not have a system, search and download it on Baidu based on your needs (win7, xp or win8.

Step 2: Install a one-click USB flash drive to install system software to create a boot disk (Note: install the software on any disk on your computer, instead of a USB flash drive)
After the installation is complete, double-click to open the one-click Software, as shown in the figure, insert the Mobile storage device, and click the "one-click usb boot disk creation" button to create a boot disk for you.
(Note that important data of the USB flash disk is backed up before the operation)

Wait for a moment to prompt that the production is successful. For example.

Note: Because the USB flash drive system file is hidden, no files are found after the USB flash drive is opened. Please do not worry that production is not successful at this time

You can also click the "simulate startup" button on the software interface to test whether the startup is successful. If the page appears, it indicates the creation is successful.

Step 3: Check whether there are system files on the computer
If you do not have a system, go to Baidu and search for it as needed. If you have downloaded the system or have a system, continue to the next step.
Note: put the system in the root directory of drive D or drive E. If you need to install a system for another computer, copy the system file to the USB flash disk.

Step 4: restart your computer, go to the bios settings menu, and set USB as the first boot disk (see the following method for how to set it) (Tip: insert the USB flash disk first and set the boot items after the boot)
Two common setting methods are as follows: (we recommend that you use the first method and start it with a shortcut key)
Type 1: Start the hot key directly at boot to enter the USB flash drive system
Type 2: After the BIOS is set, enter the USB flash drive system
For example, the BIOS interface:

Step 5: Enter the USB flash drive boot menu interface

Select win2003PE or win8pe from the Start menu, and press Enter.

When the PE is started, the following interface will appear during the startup process. Some old computers may take 1 to 2 minutes to wait. Do not worry.

If your laptop displays a blue screen when you start PE, or the hard disk in winpe is unrecognizable, see:

Step 6: Go to WindowsPE to start restoring the system
If you are a new computer or a new hard disk, You need to partition it before installing the system (view the partition method). If not, you can directly open "one-click studio PE installation. For example

Select the system file you want to restore and click OK after selecting the file, as shown in figure

Determine whether to recover the system, as shown in: Select Yes

Note: if you cannot open your system file or encounter installation errors with the one-click studio pe installation, decompress your system (iso file, decompress the package and place the gho file in the root directory of drive D or drive E.
The system is being restored, as shown in:

After the recovery is complete, restart the computer and the system will automatically reinstall the computer. You only need to wait.

Now, the OS has been installed with a one-click USB flash drive! You can forget the troubles of installing the operating system without the optical drive. It is worth mentioning that, because the entire process is to read data from the hard disk, the installation speed is much faster than the installation speed with a CD.

1. Back up useful data on the USB flash drive before making a one-click USB flash drive.
2. For a hard disk or multiple hard disks with NTFS partition, the drive letter arrangement on the hard disk under DOS may be different from the order in Windows. Please check your order to avoid misoperation.
3. Main Reasons for problems with the USB flash drive:
① The motherboard does not support USB flash drive (or the support is not complete );
② Some DOS software (especially for disk operations) may not support USB flash disks very well;
③ The USB flash drive is a new hardware that emerged after DOS, and the categories are complicated. At present, the vast majority of USB devices do not have a DOS driver. Currently, they are basically compatible drivers, therefore, some problems are inevitable;
④ The quality of the USB flash drive is faulty;
⑤ There are often incorrect operations on the USB flash drive, such as directly plugging the USB flash drive under 2000, XP, and 2003, rather than uninstalling it through secure hardware deletion.
4. Some BIOS of the motherboard (especially the old motherboard) does not support USB Flash boot, so the corresponding options cannot be found. If this problem exists, it can only be solved by refreshing the BIOS. If the problem persists, you can only give up.

If you have any questions about using a one-click USB flash drive:FAQs during system reinstallation with one-click USB flash drive

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