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The topic of Internet product managers has always been so popular that product operation is much cooler.

However, there are quite a few product operation practitioners, but the job names are different. I am only familiarCommunityFor product operation, there are Community operation, community administrator, content review, event planning, community editing, online promotion, Community customer service, and other positions, all of which belong to the scope of product operation.

The product operation entry threshold is usually not high, and the work content is seemingly trivial and complex, covering all aspects, making it easy to work hard. There are several ideas: operations are "customer service", "post-deletion", "Forum moderators", "porters", "cleaners", and "Network O & M" (are they totally two types of work !) "...... Even many people who are engaged in operations cannot make it clear, but they can only make fun of themselves ".

From the job title to the work content, there is no "Product Manager" in Product Operations, which sounds like "high-end atmosphere on the level". There has been a lack of clear definitions and standards, making the development direction even clearer. I have heard people complain more than once: "operation is not good, I want to change to a product !" What kind of work is there for product operation? What is its value reflected in? Based on my experience in community product operation over the past few years, I have tried to answer this question.

First, what is product operation? Personal opinion,Product operation is a series of operations that attract users to use products and encourage users to continuously produce behaviors and content in line with product positioning and development goals, and fully explore and exert the core value of products.. For example, for Community products, a certain number of people continuously interact and interact with each other in some form of network space, thus forming a community, community operation is a series of operations that attract users to join the community and encourage them to continuously produce interactions and content that meet the community positioning and development goals, and fully explore and exert the value of the community.

Secondly, what are the specific work of product operation? In my opinion, it can be dividedContent construction, marketing, event planning, user maintenance, data analysis, rule maintenance, competitive product research, demand Refining8 items, but they share different proportions in different stages of product development. For different product types, different user groups have different focuses. In the new product launch and promotion phase, content construction and marketing are the key points. As the product enters a stable development stage, the proportion of user maintenance and rule maintenance will gradually increase; for BBS, user maintenance is a major task. For resource download products, we need to pay more attention to content construction and rule maintenance. For students and communities for ctos, the operation focus is also different.

Let's start with the first item -- content construction:

1. Standard establishment: product values are embodied in the content carried by the product.

What content is appropriate, what content is expected to be generated, what content is inappropriate, and should be excluded. A consensus should be reached at the beginning of product launch or even in the product planning stage, relevant standards will be formulated, which will be an important basis for operators to carry out their work in the future, and will be communicated to users through product operations, and will be increasingly clear and improved as product operations continue to deepen.

This is also one of the reasons why I advocate that operators should join the product team in the product planning stage. operators only have a deep understanding of the ins and outs of the product and fully agree with the Value embodied in the product, in order to correctly establish and grasp standards and implement them flexibly in operation, otherwise, only one mechanical "Referee" can be made ".

2. Content initialization: Fill in a batch of qualified content by technical or manual means as the basis for cold start of the product.

A product with no content is an empty shell, which is not conducive to product promotion. Users may feel overwhelmed when they come. Through content initialization, user access is attracted, and demonstration is quickly established to facilitate marketing and render the product atmosphere. A typical example is: to create a forum, you need to divide sections to segment content topics; to open a new version of the forum, you need to fill in some posts related to the layout topic in advance. To open a resource sharing site, you must prepare a batch of seed resources in advance. The richer the initialization content, the more vivid the display form, and the more attractive it will be to new users. It is not just a simple compilation of some dry instruction documents.

3. content review: when there are more users, spam ads will follow.

Operators need to regularly check and remove spam content, otherwise they will flood the website, seriously affecting users' browsing and access; if there is any content that violates national laws and regulations or infringes the legitimate interests of others, it may also lead to website security problems and cannot be operated properly. Some review work can be completed automatically through technical means, but some still need manual maintenance, such as updating sensitive word libraries, website security monitoring, and promoting continuous upgrade of the review system to cope with new forms of spam.

4. content recommendation: Here, it refers to recommendations made within the product (recommendations made on other external websites of the product belong to the category of marketing, which is described in detail below). It is a very important regular operation task, it can highlight product values and encourage users who contribute high-quality content.

It is not easy to do a good job of content recommendation: first, the operators must be sure to set the content standards in place, and second, they must have a pair of "eye-catching" that can promptly discover high-quality content and active users in a massive amount of content ", you also need to have certain editing capabilities to properly edit the original content so that it is more conducive to dissemination. In addition, you need to know the recommended positions and recommendation effects of the product.

This requires operators to be familiar with products and sensitive to various explicit and hidden information (gossip is enough !), Learn about community culture and current hot events, and be able to express them in a way that users like, understand product data, know what recommendations are best, and where they are suitable for development into recommendations.

The requirement for editing is almost the same ?! However, unlike traditional editing, the evaluation and editing work can intuitively evaluate the value of content viewer and dissemination. The two indicators are not enough for the content recommendation work of operators. The purpose of operational content recommendation is to popularize and advocate product values, guide users to produce more content that conforms to product values, encourage users who produce high-quality content, and explore users with growth potential, this effect can not be seen overnight and requires a certain amount of time to accumulate. Therefore, the relevant assessment of operators also requires a comprehensive assessment, rather than simply looking at a few pieces of data, the operation personnel also need to be able to "withstand loneliness.

5. content integration: stable product operation for a period of time, with a steady growth of user groups, has accumulated a certain amount of high-quality content, in order to fully display high-quality content, better build product reputation, to promote the spread of product value, content integration is necessary.

There are two main methods: one is to provide users with tools for independent content integration, and the operators are responsible for quality control. For example, in the blog column of A csdn blog, you can apply to create your own blog column and include the excellent blog posts of the series in your blog. The operation staff will follow certain standards to approve the column application, ensure column quality and effectiveness. In addition, operators edit and organize existing high-quality content based on different fields and themes, and process the content into special topics, such as weekly blog essence weekly, weekly forum hotspot review, monthly top100 resource downloads, and Forum essence collection. This is a form that is very popular with users. It requires a higher level of content editing capability for operators. You can also invite users to participate in editing in an active user group, however, the final quality control should be conducted by operators.

6. Commercial Value Development: who will not be able to develop products and sell advertisements with popularity? Do you still need to develop the commercial value of Shenma?

Can you prevent too many advertisements from interfering with user experience?

Can you match appropriate advertisements based on product forms and content?

Can you plan business projects based on product features and user groups?

Are you familiar with your products and users?

The period when Internet products simply sell and sell advertisements can be full of money has passed. What customers buy is actually the services provided by the products, customers are looking at the purchasing power and reputation brought by the user groups who use the product. Operators know the services and user groups that products can provide, and the content carried by the products has potential commercial value, such as resource paid download, online payment consultation, and excellent content publishing. The implementation of various business projects is also reflected in various product content forms. How can we make full use of the operational value in product commercial value development? This question should not only be considered by those who are interested in product operation.

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