Operation and Maintenance monitoring Tool Pigoss BSM 2016 ten research projects Outlook

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How to judge a company is not a good company, and how to judge a product is not a good product? In fact, a good company and good products are inseparable, only a good company, a healthy growth, vibrant, continuous improvement of the team, to make a truly accepted by the majority of users, recognized good products. Every company says that the user is God, in fact God is not so difficult to wait, God can tolerate your product temporarily unable to meet some of his needs, but God can't tolerate you don't think enterprising, make your product always in place, let God see a little hope. And Pigoss is precisely because has such a passionate team, invests oneself incomparable enthusiasm, only then lets Pigoss progress every year. Below, let's see what surprises they will bring to us in 2016.

1. Style and Function Transformation

In today's look-face era, has never only focused on the inner self-cultivation, the various functions of the extremely powerful pigoss also really need to dress up a good. For this program ape GG people make up their minds, inspirational in the 2016 to learn from the Internet style, will pigoss the overall page style transformation, so that it in user experience and function of the operation has been further improved, the whole page to clean, simple operation of the design ideas for reconstruction.

2. Topology HTML5 transformation

Although Millet plus rifles can get the victory of the war, but that is because the conditions are limited, forced helpless, if there are new weapons such as aircraft cannons can be used, who will be reluctant to throw away millet plus rifles? Now, the program ape GG will use new weapons (HTML5) to re-arm the Pigoss topology, when a new topology will be presented in front of us, the vast number of users please look forward to.

Original and new topology comparison table

Original topology New topology
Tools Flex Html5
Performance So so High
Cross-platform PC-only support Both PC-side and mobile-enabled
Occupy Resources Large, generate SWF file Less, to achieve the purpose of the system thin body
Graphic Mixed support Poor Flex does not match
Reserve personnel Less reserve A large number of HTML developers, a more powerful community than flex
Background interaction Not convenient
Development process Compilation, etc. Direct use

3. Single-station acquisition optimization

Many people are exercising, hope that through their own exercise can run faster, jump higher, live healthier, work more spirit. Similarly, 2016 Pigoss is also doing this kind of cultivation, it is striving to become more stable, the amount of data collected in unit time more, performance data storage more. The programmer GG will optimize the Pigoss bottom thread pool module, increase the number of threads concurrently, use 64-bit JDK, Tomcat, and also optimize the data storage and acquisition by using some function modules, in order to improve the acquisition pressure of the single device. Please look forward to the retreat after the Pigoss king return!

4. Distributed Optimization and improvement

Just talked about Pigoss in the efforts to improve the ability of individual combat, but in many cases, the strength of individuals is still very small, often need to carry out large-scale army operations in order to achieve a war victory. Programmer GG's requirements are simple, through 2016 years of optimization and improvement, the Pigoss distributed solution of the number of monitoring resources to expand to more than 10,000 units.

5.Oracle RAC Resource monitoring

Oracle monitoring is Pigoss's proud monitoring module, an important feature of the most prestigious database, Oracle RAC is a major concern, program ape GG This year's goal is to monitor Oracle RAC as a separate resource, from a deeper level to Oracle The RAC is fully monitored.

6. Topology Auto-Discovery Hardening

In the 2015, the Pigoss Topology Auto-discovery feature in the user has achieved a breakthrough from 0 to 1, but this is only the first step of Long march, how to make the topology Autodiscover function become more and more powerful, is the programmer GG Most concerned about the problem. Rome cold Day, only 1.1 points to complete the goal of each small step, finally can accumulate into huge victories. 2016 years, the programmer GG for topology automatic discovery function set the device information display, automatic layout and other ten goals, let us wait and see.

7.IPMI Vendor Tool Integration (server hardware monitoring)

Hardware monitoring has always been Pigoss's strengths, but learning such as riding, behind, if not continue to improve themselves, the strengths of sooner or later to be surpassed by others. Because of this, programmer GG is determined to build on the strengths of hardware monitoring, through the integration of the various manufacturers of command tools, data acquisition and presentation. Compared to the previous, the problem of writing regular is reduced, and the integration tool will increase the number of indicator acquisition items.

8. Storage Device Monitoring Hardening

As with hardware monitoring, storage monitoring has been Pigoss's strength since ancient times. The 2016 goal (which should be the continuing goal) is also very simple, continue to pigoss in the storage direction of accumulation and development, to achieve the product, the purpose is to support more mainstream storage monitoring brands and models.

9.JBoss 6.2 Monitoring

As an excellent open source Web application server, JBoss has a broad user base around the world, and Pigoss is naturally aware of the pervasive nature of JBoss. So Pigoss started with the initial 3.x release and supported the monitoring of JBoss application servers, and now JBoss has developed to 6.x, and the program ape GG intends to build on it, adding further to the Jboss6.2 indicator in 2016.

10. Abnormal collector hangs dead and network bandwidth optimization

Good products, stability is essential. The solution that has plagued the user's abnormal collector hangs on the agenda in 2016. Programmer GG will collect customer data and analyze it to determine which function modules or collectors need bandwidth optimization. After a year of optimization, the Pigoss will be unveiled next year with its own highway skills.

Operations monitoring Tool Pigoss BSM 2016 Ten research projects Outlook

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