Operation Steps of preloaded Win8 refitting Win7

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Step One: Change the boot mode to Legacy boot mode

V,B,K,E,M series: such as V480, V580, B480, B580, B490, B590, K29, K49, E49, M490, M495

1. Boot F1 into the BIOS, select "Restart"-"OS optimized Defaults" The following figure:

2. Press "F9" to load the default settings, as shown below:

3. Press "F10" to save the exit. The following figure:

Y,U,Z,S,G Series Models: Y400, Y500, Y480, Y580, S206, S300, S400, S405, Z380, Z480, Z485, U310, U410, U510, G480, G580, G780, G485, P580, N580, etc.

1. Press "F2" into the BIOS, some models need to press "FN" + "F2" into the BIOS, select "EXIT"-"OS optimized Defaults" will "Win 8 BIT" selected as "other OS". The following figure:

2. Press "F9" to load the default setting, press "F10" to save exit;

3. Press "F10" to save exit, as shown below:

Step Two: Install the system

Problems that may be encountered:

1. Setup can not partition or partition after the next installation can not click

2. The normal partition can be installed, but when Windows starts, in the Windows logo execution machine

3. prompt disk function error

You must remove all of the original partitions and then recreate the partitions so that the installer automatically changes the hard drive from GPT to MBR

Also, remind the user that this will cause all data on the hard drive to be emptied, including a single key restore function.

The following figure: Select the partition in turn, click Delete, delete all partitions, and then create a new reinstall

If the above operation still does not install properly, follow these steps:

1. Use Win7 CD or U disk to guide, enter the system installation interface;

2. The installation interface presses SHIFT+F10, enters at the command Prompt window: DiskPart carriage return;

3. Enter Select disk 0 return car;

4. Enter clean carriage return;

5. Enter convert MBR carriage return;

6. Restart the computer after the partition installation can be.

Operation steps screenshot as follows:

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