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Due to low memory usage, when many users attempt to update Nb, an x61 memory is added to a 4 GB attack base based on the principle of being in place, although the x61 hardware captured 4 GB, the production system that does not guarantee the software can catch 4 GB, if it is a 32-bit Windows XP or Windows Vista, you can only get 3 GB. Do you have to buy a 64-bit Windows XP or Windows Vista?

Use environment: Windows XP SP2 + SP3 + Lenovo ThinkPad X61-BE8 + 4G memory

The 32-bit operating system can catch 4 GB, but after Windows XP SP2, based on some reasons, micro-engine allows 32-bit XP and Vista to only catch 3 GB. Of course, it is a good way to buy 64-bit XP or Vista, in particular, ThinkPad already fully supports 64-bit XP and Vista in notebook programs, but most of today's apps are still 32-bit, first, the compatibility of the 64-bit operating system is comparable. Second, the 32-bit application program is slower in the 64-bit operating system, therefore, the majority of users still choose 32-bit operating systems.

I want to add my memory to 4 GB in the memory. I can't doubt that I want Nb to run faster, but the 32-bit operating system can only catch 3 GB in nature, but it cannot be changed, so we want XP to "use" to 4 GB, and make Nb run faster, so there will be no money.

We hope to give 1 GB of XP to ramdisk and use ramdisk to accelerate Nb. What is ramdisk? Simply put, the memory is converted into a hard disk, because the memory speed is faster than the hard disk, and the I/O speed is greatly increased, in this way, Nb runs faster.

Security token gavotte ramdisk
Step 1:
Next, ramdisk_4g.7z. This is a modified version that allows ramdisk to be created on 1 GB that cannot be captured by XP.

Step 2:
Explain ramdisk_4g.7z to c: \ Program Files \ ramdisk \ category.

Step 3:
The primary line ram4g. Reg will make some necessary corrections to the Registry.

Step 4:
Ramdisk.exe appears in the following figure. First, press install ramdisk Security ramdisk program. Set disk size to 1 GB, drive letter portable to R:, you can adjust the size by yourself, media type selection fixed media, and finally press <OK> to end.

Step 5:
When you re-open the host, you will find that there are not many available memory instances, and there is an additional 1 GB ramdisk.

Speed up with 1g ramdisk
After the ramdisk is set, it only makes ramdisk "use" 1 GB unavailable for XP, but it still cannot speed up. You need to make the following settings:

Set the memory recorder to ramdisk.
In theory, as long as there are many memory types, you do not need to set up a memory type. XP can only catch 3 GB, which is also suitable for use, however, some applications (such as PhotoShop) may check whether or not the audio recorder exists during an animation. If not, a warning will be given; if some applications do not set up a memory record, they may make the website unstable. Therefore, it is generally suggested to set up a memory record, the reason for this is that the hard drive is the slow speed of the hard drive, which leads to poor overall performance, however, because we have now set the memory recorder to ramdisk, and are still running in the memory, the efficiency will not be affected.

How big is the memory recorder set? This depends on the application you actually want to run. It depends on the large Visual Studio, Quartus II, niosii eds, Modelsim, Photoshop, and so on, which are commonly used by me, set the memory size to MB. Remember that the host can run very well on ramdisk.
Step 1:
Click <my computer> right-click, select <content>, and click [import]. under <performance>, click <set> pay-as-you-go.

Step 2:
Select <in progress> and press <change more> In the <website administrator> section.

Set MB memory on ramdisk. You can change the memory according to your actual needs.


Set IE7 Temporary Internet Files to ramdisk
Each time IE attempts to access the Internet, it will push the HTML and audio clips to the hard drive. Now, it is changed to offline to ramdisk, which will help speed the internet.
Step 1:
Tools> Web Selection

Step 2:
Press <set>

Step 3:
Press <mobile resource> to set the target to ramdisk.

Set system changes temp
Many applications generate memory during the migration process, and then store the memory in the category specified by the system change. For example, a large number of images stored in Photoshop images are generated. If you store images stored in ramdisk, the speed of Photoshop images is greatly improved.

Step 1:
Click <my computer> right-click, select <content>, and click [import]. press <export data changes> press export.

Step 2:
Change the temp and TMP values to ramdisk.

After this setting, most applications will store the hosts in ramdisk. However, some applications have their own settings for memory storage, therefore, please set it by yourself. Take 7zip as an example to allow 7zip to use ramdisk acceleration.

Set the 7zip Project
Step 1:
Tools-> Selection

Step 2:
Select <external program> and press <selected program>

Step 3:
Set work information

Previously set the temp variable number, and the 7zip will automatically capture the path set by the temp variable number as the work object, however, when the portable disk is used for dismounting, it is checked, that is, when you use 7zip on an external ephemeral disk or hard disk, this option is used to record the selected version. We recommend that you do not check the selected version. In this case, ramdisk acceleration can be used during the 7zip operation.

This can also be set for common WinRAR, which will speed up many times.

Place the hosts in P2P instances to ramdisk.
The only thing that is most vulnerable to P2P attacks is a hard drive. If you want to share your hard drive on ramdisk, you do not need to renew the hard drive because there are many P2P users, set it by yourself.

Extended Life Cycle of SSD
The x300 has already used SSD. In the long run, SSD is still the same as ephemeral SSD, but the number of ephemeral SSD cannot be as complex as that of the hard disk, place memory and Memory on ramdisk to reduce the complexity of SSD storage and prolong the lifetime of SSD storage.

How to use a memory is different. If a large amount of memory is spent, the memory is useless. It is also a kind of waste. In addition to some memory-consuming environments, such as VMWare, SQL Server, and oracle... generally speaking, Windows XP can run very well as long as it has 2 GB of memory. If it is added to 4 GB, how can 2 GB of memory be used well, it's just a few clicks. For 32-bit Windows XP, only 3 GB can be caught. For ramdisk, 1 GB cannot be caught. It can be said that the configuration is not enough. What about another 1 GB? I handed it to supercache II for management. How can I accelerate the EDA tool of Altera? (IC design) (Quartus II) I have some experiences in using supervisor to supercache II. In each article, ThinkPad x61 often uses the timer to review the 4 GB memory, but Windows XP cannot catch the 4 GB memory. I hope this article will help.

Known issues
1. There is no problem with qualitative design.
At present this method I only in the X61-7673BE8 and 32-bit Windows XP PRO SP2 login successful, and used for three months, so there is no problem with the definition, as for t61, r61, and Windows Vista, some netizens say they can succeed, but I'm not sure.

Windows xp pro SP3 has been successfully renewed and can be used with ease.

2. You cannot use "sleep" (suspend to HD)

If you use sleep in Windows XP Pro, the following warning messages are displayed.

However, "standby" (suspend to ram) can be used normally, and the content of ramdisk can also be left.

3. Cannot merge large shards
The lower case will first be stored in the path of the Internet Explorer storage. If the size of your hosts is greater than that of ramdisk, the lower case will lose the memory, if you want to change the Internet Explorer storage to the hard drive, change the Internet Explorer storage to ramdisk.
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