OSX: run Windows on BootCamp in VirtualBox (continued)

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OSX: run Windows (continued) OSX on BootCamp in VirtualBox: Run Windowshttp on BootCamp in VirtualBox: // www.bkjia.com/ OS /201305/209128.html VirtualBox causes slow system operation through use and running tests on different occasions. In general, the cause of slow system is mainly caused by memory shortage, you need to consider the matching between the memory configuration of the Virtual Machine and the physical memory of the machine. adjust the memory of the VM appropriately and set the minimum memory according to the running program in Win7 to free up as much memory as possible for OS X. I have 4 GB of memory, OS X 10.8.3, And the VM memory is set to 1.23 GB. After running, the VM actually occupies 200 GB of OSX memory. In this way, the VM program itself occupies nearly MB, however, in my Windows programs, the virtual machine generally ensures a surplus of about 70% of memory usage. the test result is that as long as I enable the Win7 virtual machine when the Free memory is kept at around GB, the running of OS X will not be significantly affected, and the running of Win7 will be smoother, this does not cause OS X to perform data read/write between memory and virtual memory to free up memory space. it is a method to run the VM immediately after login and occupy the memory all at once. if you need to enable it halfway, and the free memory is not enough, there is still a lot of inactive memory, it is also a way to use the purge command to clear the memory. the startup code of Windows 7 virtual machine is in OS X. After you create a VirtualBox Virtual Machine of Windows 7, you need to execute several commands before each run. You can use the startup code to complete these steps, you can simply double-click it to complete the startup process. the startup code of Applescript is available on the Internet. For example, it is actually a bash script. to work with the previous configuration script, you can also write a more general start Script: to add this part to the configuration script, you need to modify it a little.

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