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From 1994 to 2012, Opera, a low-profile company, has quietly gone through nearly 18 years. Song Lin, general manager of Opera China and oupeng browser, said in an interview: "In history, Opera is now the oldest independent browser company. We have been focusing on browsers for more than a decade and hope to provide users with the best Internet experience through browsers. "

In 1989, Tim Berners Lee, the father of the Internet, proposed a protocol to classify Internet information. This Protocol, known as WorldWideWeb after 1991, also contains the 10 thousand forbidden browser and the first web server. This marks the debut of the World Wide Web public service on the Internet. In 1993, Mosaic, the predecessor of the world's first browser manufacturer "Wangjing", was born. Mosaic is the first browser in the history of the Internet to provide graphic interfaces and is also the first widely used Web browser. By the end of 1994, Mosaic was officially renamed Netscape Navigator and published publicly.

At the same time, Tim Berners Lee's student Hakon Wium Lie and Iceland's engineer JonS. von Tetzchner wrote the Opera browser's initial code in a research group at Televerket Telecom in Norway. In 1995, the browser project was removed from Televerket, established Opera Software, and officially released the first public version of Opera Browser Opera2.0 in 1996. At present, Microsoft has the largest PC market share in IE, which was developed based on the Mosaic source code in 1994 and released in 1995.

After Microsoft bound Internet Explorer with Windows, the former browser industry leader, Wang Jing, was acquired by AOL in 1998 after a competitive defeat. Song Lin said: "In retrospect, Opera was not acquired or shut down in early Internet companies. "

Song Lin attributed the reason why Opera persisted for so long to its adherence to the browser and its strategic clarity: "Opera had a big change in 1998, opera's vision expands from 'providing The best internet experience' to 'providing The best internet experience' (The best internet experience on any device ). "All devices not only include PCs, but also a variety of online devices, such as TVs, mobile phones, game consoles, and navigators. Song Lin said: "Opera has a large share in non-mobile phone fields, mainly in televisions and game consoles, such as Sony, sharp, and Toshiba, and game consoles such as PSP and Nintendo, only browsers on these devices do not mark the Opera trademark. When the PC market is not competitive, open up new markets in time and fill in the blank technical fields not only allow Opera to survive successfully, but also allow it to discover more vitality.

Before people realized that Mobile phones could access the Internet, Opera Mobile, the first full-featured Mobile browser developed by Opera in 1998, was born. In 2004, Opera Mini, designed to enable all mobile phones to access the Internet, was released, and free download was available in 2005. Today, Opera Mini has over 0.2 billion million monthly online users worldwide and is the world's most popular third-party mobile browser.

Under song Lin's leadership, Opera released its Chinese brand, oupeng mobile browser, for the Chinese market in 2011. Opera global Chief Financial Officer and Chief Strategy Officer Erik C. harrell once said that the advent of the mobile browser "oupeng" is an important part of Opera's China strategy. As a key part of Opera's global strategy, Opera is confident in the future of "oupeng.

Song Lin is "still confident" in the Development of oupeng, saying that "Opera oupeng has been focusing on browsers and is dedicated to providing users with a more pleasant browsing experience. Compared with the global market, we find that Chinese users need more targeted localization applications and services. The market for third-party browsers is still very impressive. "

When asked whether the Platform would develop, Song Lin affirmed that "Opera has not done anything for more than a decade. It only serves as a browser to bridge the gap between various networked devices. Now we do the same for oupeng. We do Content Aggregation to help users discover more interesting content, but the essence is to provide users with a more intelligent and caring browser. We do not do anything. "

According to third-party data, oupeng browser has been released for less than a year, and its market share has steadily ranked among the top three in China. According to data released by oupeng, the annual user growth rate of oupeng is 300%, and the number of online users in the month has exceeded 10 million.

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