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Homework One

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Own experience and understanding:

A qualified software engineer should have the ability to standardize the analysis, design, development, testing and maintenance, the above several capabilities are more conducive to software development and the same industry personnel recognition. In order to develop the software safely and favorably, all eight principles have been put forward:

1. Public, software engineers should be in the public interest. The quality of a software depends on the public to decide, and whether to meet public demand, this is whether software engineers can meet the public interest, only in line with the public interest, the design of software is valuable.

2. Software engineers in customer and employer mode should act in a manner that is in the public interest and in the best interests of their clients and employers.

3. Products-Software engineers should ensure that their products and related modifications meet the highest professional standards. In the development of products must be professional standards.

4. Judgment-Software engineers shall maintain the integrity and independence of their professional judgments.

5. Management-Software engineering managers and leaders should subscribe to and promote an ethical approach to managing the development and maintenance of the system.

6. Professional-Software engineers should advance in line with the public interest to ensure the integrity and reputation of the industry

7. Colleagues-software engineers should be fair and supportive of their colleagues.

8. Self-taught software engineers should be involved in lifelong learning, and in their professional practice, and promote ethical practices.

Homework Two

The questions raised in the first blog are:

First, the program does not have a structure, for extension and modification is very bad

Second, I found myself in the process of programming too biased toward the C language, and ignored the object-oriented C + +, resulting in object-oriented programming thinking not to retreat, thus abandoning the OOP


Experience in individual projects is not a lot, but in pairs and team project experience is very deep, write code must be standardized, must have structure, can be drawn first flowchart, and then write code, so that not only facilitates the implementation of code, more important is to let the program has a certain structure, good at modifying and expanding, And in the writing process must have a principle, that is you can never meet the needs of users, all your programs need to constantly expand, that is, to expand, it must be considered in advance, to be extensible.


In the development project, I found that not all projects or programs are suitable for the development of OOP ideas, although the development of OOP is more simple than the development of the process, but many of the underlying things are better with process-oriented development, because the process is more focused on algorithms, so that the program runs faster, So it is reasonable to use different design ideas, especially on different issues.

Job Three

Personal Summary:

After a semester of software engineering study,actually,just started,I thought I couldn't learn anything useful.,just like any other class .,Classes,and then I'm done with a test.,but the farther back,the more I feel like I really learned something.,from the beginning of the personal project,to the pair project,and then to the team project.from just write simpleClanguage of my,It is now possible to develop a simpleAndroid APPme, I did grow a lot in the course of software engineering, I not only learned a lot of professional knowledge, but also more understand the importance of a project development to a team.

A team in the development of the project did not encounter a problem, and the best way to solve this problem is to communicate, and PM communication, and the various modules responsible for communication, and, in order to successfully develop a software, the team must have a development model as support to ensure the speed and progress of development. Personally, I have made my own contribution to the team, I am not a big bull, but I am not able to write programs, I have learned to do a roll dice module, after the finish there is an unprecedented sense of accomplishment, because it is I do, do not rely on anyone. After I have been after the reflection, why did not do before, suddenly found that the university is almost over, I would like to improve their professional skills, more to write more practice, and Li Baoquan classmates study. In pair programming, Li Baoquan's programming ability also gave me a shock, I first found that there are so strong classmates, think about the beginning of college, we are nothing. It's really late to move on, I have to make a good supplement.

In fact, the software engineering This course, some students reflect what have not learned, I think they probably did not understand the team programming this link, they just feel that the teacher did not teach them how to program knowledge, and I think, some things are self-taught, some things are their own experience. I like the curriculum reform very much, like a semester to learn things, more than three years of learning things, really, now the education let us seem to learn what, and in fact, nothing learned, if each course is like software engineering, then we learn more things to go.

The course of a semester down, from individual projects, pairs of projects, team projects, but also let me clearly understand their strengths and weaknesses, the advantage is good at communicating with others, good at learning with others. Shortcomings, is the professional ability is not strong enough, team awareness is not strong enough. For example, the final integration of the team project, I am responsible for the project because the code and function ID is not standardized, resulting in a lot of waste of time, so team awareness is very important, a football match, a person is not good to use, to 10 people are tough. It may seem to many people that software engineering is a course, but I think software engineering is an idea, a process of thinking and dealing with problems.   I don't think I can learn anything about this course.

After learning this course, the program will not go blindly to apply code, but to clarify the structure of the program and ideas. When the program starts and when it ends. In the middle you need to add what features to refine the software. In fact, it is not difficult to learn software engineering, and easy. The relationship between software engineering and everyday life is what you do first and what you do in a day. Understand what to do first, after what to do after writing the program is not so difficult, and then complex program can be divided into a few chunks. After you clear the process of thinking can be a step by step to solve the problem, and finally realize the function of the software. If you do not learn software engineering does not know how to clear the process of thinking, to do a large project development, so many code, not a very good structure, the end will only lead to program chaos, errors, know that the code will also be a lot of hands without policy. All in all, as a programmer to learn software engineering This course is necessary, if not to study the project, it will not be the development of projects, it is impossible to develop a sound software out.

The suggestions on software engineering courses are as follows: The teaching mode can be put more open, mainly with how to think and deal with the process of the problem as the thought, increase the student's understanding of software engineering. In the classroom teaching can take the form of grouping or team, such as who is responsible for organizing the team, who is responsible for speaking, who is responsible for records, etc., not only from the project to realize the idea of software engineering, but also from the usual class can experience the idea of software engineering.

Finally, the feelings of the teacher's hard work, let us learn the previously not learned knowledge, see the shortcomings of the past can not see, finally wish the software engineering This course more and more good!

Personal Final Summary

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