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The idea of creating a stylish, large-tone photo of the PS comes from the fashion magazine Men's Act, which is almost always in a low saturation style. Take "crazy football" this work, when the first appeared on the internet, attracted a lot of people like photography, are guessing how it is done. After analysis, we feel that the key to the technology is how to reduce the image saturation, not directly with the Photoshsop "hue/saturation" to reduce the saturation of the original, share, look forward to the master has a better way to deal with the presentation. OK, let's take a look at the example:

Effect chart

The key to this tutorial is how to get the black image and then overlay it on the original artwork by adjusting the opacity of the layer.


Final Result:

The first step is to get the brightness information of the original artwork

1, the original image from RGB mode into the lab mode mode, the implementation of PS main Menu "images-pattern-lab color"

2, the channel Control Panel out, the implementation of the main Menu "window-channel", the brightness channel as the current channel. Lab mode is to store brightness information and color information in separate channels.

If this black and white image level is not good enough, light or dark or contrast one enough, you can use the Curve tool (press ctrl+m) adjustment.

It then performs a full selection (Ctrl + a), copy (Ctrl + V), so that we get the brightness information for the original image.

The next step is to overlay the only brightness information on the original image.

Step Three: Overlay

1, the History of the window out, the implementation of "window-history."

2. Back to the previous step of converting 厔 Lab mode, which is "open" on the click history.

3, Paste, the black and white information superimposed on the original artwork.

4, the Layer Control Panel (press F7), and then adjust the opacity of the layer is about 80.

5, the final merge of two layers, the whole process is largely completed.

Then, you can also put the photo four weeks dark, there are many ways to crush, I often use Photoshop Nik software company's palette software color Efex Pro 4 plug-ins to complete.

Finally, adjust the contrast of the screen and the saturation of the red more appropriately. Even if it's done.

Final Result:

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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