Photoshop gives you a soft, hazel-colored photo of the sea-view characters.

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Sea View pictures In addition to the natural blue cyan, Brown is also very suitable, but also easier to control the color, processing can be simple to eliminate the image of the noise, and adjust to a unified brown, and then in the high light rendering some pale colors or cool colors can be.


< small map view big picture >

Final effect

1, open the original material, press CTRL + J to copy the background layer, into the channel panel, choose the Green channel, press CTRL + A Select all, press CTRL + C copy. Select the blue channel and press CTRL + V to paste. Point RGB Channel, return to the layers panel, the effect of the following figure. This step eliminates some of the noise from the picture, leaving only cyan and red.

< map 1>

2, the creation of optional color adjustment layer, red, green, black adjustment, parameter settings such as Figure 2-4, the effect is shown in Figure 5. This step turns the image red to dark yellow and cyan to dark green.

< map 2>

< map 3>

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