Photoshop imitation Pencil and watercolor effect diagram

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Photoshop imitation Pencil and watercolor effect diagram

1, with the brush (with the most common type of solid round brush on the good) to draw the outline;

2, create a new layer on top of this layer, use the "cloud" filter in "Render", and improve the contrast (cloud filter is random, if you think the result is not satisfactory can be more than a few);

3, the "cloud" filter generated layer mode to overlay, transparency 30~40 left and right, so that the following layer lines appear to have a depth of change. Then execute the Add noise filter with the appropriate values and slightly add some noise; now the pencil feels like it ~=. =~ Ah ah ...

4. The layer coloring below the online manuscript (see below for coloring method);

5. Continue to paint ...

Some need to faint or blend with the smudge tool to rub a few more (=. =)


PS Brush function Although not strong PT, but with the other functions of PS, can change the room is very large. Here are some of the "wet media brushes" from PS:

This uses the double brush option in the PS brush settings. In other words, PS with some of the brushes, although ordinary, but combined with the possibility of unexpected effects.

Here's a simple mock watercolor effect brush setting:

Draw a graphic like the left (or you can intercept it from other appropriate pictures) with a common brush (which might use filters such as sharpen or add noise). Next, use the "smudge" and "blur" tools to randomly smear and blur around the pattern to create a seepage effect. This pattern is the source pattern we make the brush. Select Edit-> definition brush preset to save this graphic as a brush.


    • ps Picture processing

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