Photoshop Simple machine Arm effect later tutorial

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To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the simple production of robotic arm effect of the later tutorial.
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Effect Chart:

Step 1: Create a new canvas, set the parameters (width 9cm high 13cm), fill the background with yellow, and then click the Create new Fill or adjust Layer button, select the Gradient fill option to set the parameters, and add the mask appropriate smear, set "opacity" to 80%

Step 2: Create a new layer 1, use the soft corner brush to draw the white lighting effect, and set the layer blending mode to overlay. Drag into the "character. png" file and place it in the right place. Layer is "character layer", and then copy the character layer, and placed below, go color, make black and white effect, use eraser tool erase superfluous image, and set the blending mode to "multiply", make the character on its above more realistic.

Step 3: Use the Pen tool, draw the arm shape on the character, create a selection to copy it, name the arm layer, and set its layer style. Then open the "mechanical. png" file, drag it into the current image file, create a clipping mask on the ARM layer!

Step 4: Draw the shape you want on the person's arm, create the selection and copy it, get the layer, move the layer above it, set the layer style, and make the machine arm's effect.

Step 5: Add high light and soft light to parts of the character to make the arms and characters more textured! and set different blending modes and opacity.

Step 6: Click the Pen tool, set its properties to "shape" in its property bar, "Fill" to gray, draw a white eyeball on the character's eyes, add a mask, and set the layer style to make its stereo effect.

Finally, for the overall color can be! The specific setting parameters are as follows:

In the end you look at what is unpleasant, and then make a fine tuning, the effect is as follows:

Okay, the above information is small make up to you photoshop this software users to bring the detailed simple machine arm effect of the later tutorial analysis of the entire content of the share, you see the users here, small series believe that you are now very clear to make a tutorial, So you guys just go and try to make it yourself.

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