Programming Language-the path to practice is a special book

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Programming Language-the path to practice is a special book that focuses on the principles of compilation and interpretation of programming languages, taking the performance of data types, subprograms, and other specific programming concepts in the computer architecture as a breakthrough, through the practice of each chapter in the book, a deep understanding of the source of Program Design hidden behind a specific programming language. This is a special and practical book. For those who want to improve their abilities by applying for a soft test, they can easily pass the basic knowledge test by reading this book and cooperating with related software engineering books, at the same time, the goal of improving personal abilities is also achieved. For those who are interested in programming but lack the necessary education, "programming language-the path to practice" is when they apply a specific programming language, provides them with systematic guidance books.

This is a special book. It is good enough, but it is a big book. You need to have enough enthusiasm to complete reading. This book is a good choice whether you start from your ability or want to achieve your goal of passing the soft exam by simply reading.

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