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Ruby Tutorial: How to get started with the Ruby programming language

When learning a new programming language, we must be clear about a few questions:What is the type model of the language?Strongly typed / weakly typed, static type / dynamic typeThe type model changes the way the problem is handled and controls how the language runsWhat is the progr

Ruby Meta programming White Magic Book

In Ruby's world, programmers enjoy all kinds of bizarre grammatical sugars, and also go through a variety of traps. And it's all about Ruby's powerful metaprogramming capabilities. Metaprogramming is like the magic of the Ruby World, and when it is white magic can help you to make the program very concise, beautiful, and when it is dark magic, you will be lost in some difficult to explain the bug. Ruby Met

Quick Start to Ruby programming language Installation

Ruby is an object-oriented metaprogramming language that surprised many developers and even raises the question: is there a really better language than Java and C? This article will give a preliminary discussion on the ruby language and try to answer this question.   I. Intr

When did you start focusing on the Go language? What prompted your team to decide to use the Go language? And what is the reason for the "Go Language Programming" book?

the world's top bull and Google's strong commitment to support, And after our group of love toss the yard of the full test and testing to confirm, why not. As the saying goes, it is not our blind adventures to make decisions with Go, but the clear conclusion that we first ate crabs a few years ago and have been tested by practice. When using Go language programming, in addition to the official website pu

Getting Started with Ruby (scripting language for object-oriented programming)

Ruby is a scripting language for simple and fast object -Oriented programming (object-oriented programming). Simple Introduction Ruby is open source and available on the web for free, but requires a license .

Several reasons for liking Ruby programming language

Ruby programming language is developed by the Japanese pine line, is a simple and fast object-oriented programming language, today mainly talk about the ruby framework--ruby on Rails (h

Ruby pioneers talk about the shortcomings of this programming language

Ruby pioneers talk about the shortcomings of this programming language Ruby creators song benzihong and Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson make frank comments on the language. As a dynamic language originally released in 199

What language do you choose to learn programming? Is it php, Python, or Ruby? _ Other Comprehensive

To sum up simply a sentence:1. If you want to help him find a job as soon as possible, make money, recommend PHP.2. If you want him to be an efficient engineer, recommend Python.3. If you want him to fall in love with his job, recommend Ruby. Choice of Language: The programming language is very important, do not thin

Getting Started with Ruby (scripting language for object-oriented programming)

Ruby is a scripting language for simple and fast object -Oriented programming (object-oriented programming).Brief introduction Ruby is open source and is available on the web for free, but requires a license . Ruby is a univ

Programming language Tutorial Book How to write: Learn from K&r!

of AWT and swing, and then flick a turn, and give readers a variety of third-party libraries, the study of the virtual machine is of course, and eventually end in parallel programming. Thankfully, this is the end of the book. Given that the book is now in its 4th edition, there is reason to think it embodies the author's final psychological expectations. That is

Ruby programming language Quick Start with many inheritance

Some programming languages (such as C ++ and clos) provide multiple inheritance mechanisms: A class can inherit from multiple superclasses. For example, a house may inherit from a building class (together with the Office and hospital classes) and residence class (together with the apartment class ). Although multiple inheritance may become a powerful feature of a language, many object-oriented languages are

Tiobe programming language leaderboards: Ruby ranks record highs

Ruby ranked 8th in this month's Tiobe index, the highest ranking since December 2008, and the peak is the opposite of the previous peak. The 2006 Ruby preacher shouted that Ruby would reach the top, advocating ruby and its programming environment that rails was about to conq

2014 Worth Learning programming language book

animations, and has more effect. [+] View artwork Recommended reading: "Python Cookbook" (2nd edition) Chinese Edition "The most practical Python Technical Reference manual" Python Core Programming (2nd edition) "Beginner Python This is an authoritative guide to python development" 6, C + + C and C + + practice Highlights: C + + Primer Plus (Chinese Version) (6th edition), "Innovation Workshop chief architect Cai recommended Preface"

Ruby programming language

Ruby (a scripting language for object-oriented programming), a scripting language created for simple and fast object-oriented programming (object-oriented program design), was developed by the Japanese as (まつもとゆきひろ/yukihiro Matsumoto) in the 1990s. Comply with GPL protocols

Ruby programming language Quick Start and other variables and class methods

: IRB (main): 045: 0> bankaccount. getinterestrate=> 6.5 In fact, the "new" method used to create a class instance is a class method. Therefore, when you enter "rectangle. New" in the program, you actually call the new class method-this is provided by ruby by default.   Inheritance One of the principles of object-oriented programming is to support class hierarchies. Just like the categories

2015 Top 10 programming language learning Videos + book Tutorials

2015 Top 10 programming languages, this list is based on2015 RedMonk Community Language rankings2015 Jobs Tractor Community language trends2015 programming language Community Tiobe language rankingsCombined with these 3 rankings.

"80x86 assembly Language Programming Tutorial" 25 conclusion (reading: How about this book)

The recommended star rating for this book is: 5 stars. After all, it is a classic book, Nothing to say.As far as the Assembly itself is concerned, the preparation of high-efficiency programs and the optimization, commissioning, and reverse engineering of the project is a foundation; in terms of the theoretical operating system, the assembly lets you understand the CPU, understand the architecture of the com

Programming Language-the path to practice is a special book

Programming Language-the path to practice is a special book that focuses on the principles of compilation and interpretation of programming languages, taking the performance of data types, subprograms, and other specific programming concepts in the computer architecture as a

Book Reviews: C Programming Language

Many students asked me: I want to learn C/C ++.ProgramWhat are the good teaching materials for designing languages? Here, I will answer: C Programming Language If you ask me: Why? What I want to tell you is: this is the "9 Yin Zhenjing" in the C programming language ". Author of this

Book introduction to C language programming in Linux

The book introduction to C language programming in Linux-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. This book introduces c language

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