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I'm not a fan of cars, but men always have a hobby for cars, like seeing a horse. So today we're going to draw a Mini Cooper icon. This icon is not difficult, the complex is undoubtedly the inside of the car, today will bring you to draw the car icon.

Hit the pivot line first. My perspective is weak, there will be small problems every time. This time in order to make the perspective perfect, the reference line before the drawing took a lot of time. It is recommended that you do the same.

This car is similar to a wide-angle perspective, to be aware of. Then hide the perspective line and continue to depict it in the shape of the pen. I want to change the whole car into an intelligent image for the future.

What, you don't know about smart images? Smart image is very convenient, with it you can easily modify more than 100 homologous intelligent image, you have to learn.

Tired. Sure enough, the car is very difficult to draw. = = give up? No, continue to refuel, each picture icon will have this kind of ideological struggle, insist you will learn a lot oh.

Continue to enrich the details, each time a rich detail will have a new problem: the new details and the proportion of the previous details, and the overall perspective is consistent, it is very scary. The devil is in the details. It doesn't matter, tired we will draw the part that we like. My favorite is this headlight. Start painting! My presentation is to use the inner shadow and pattern overlay features in the blending options on the body shape to express the underlying texture, and then create a new layer on the previous layer to use the brush to depict the irregular details. Since it's not flat, let's add some shadows to it.

The headlight has three floors, the metal seat has two floors, the lamp has one layer. Each layer has a body, the body is the original shape, it is like steel reinforced cement, is the basis of the form, do not merge it, keep shape state can be adjusted at any time. Highlights and shading effects are all you can draw with brushes and rubber tools. Here I think Photoshop's feathered brush and selection tool can paint the perfect high light and shadow without his own.

The details that are close to us are the things that must be done well and continue to deepen. At the same time added the thickness of the rear wheel, not too correct, it does not matter, if not to add too much detail of the part to say.

The bumper used a thing called the smart filter, in fact, is not complex, but can do the operation reversible.

Is the front bumper going to kill me? It's so complicated! The best texture is the stainless steel. Most of my stainless steel details are: The Black Shadow is drawn with a pen in order to facilitate later modification. Shades of Gray are depicted with inner shadows and brushes.

Continue to increase the details of the roof of the rice flag will also start, an icon can not be a color trend, always have a little contrast.

I would like to create a new window layer to draw the border around the window, but the area of the shape is copied out when the path! It's a tragedy! How do you make a path to shape? There are two other hack methods, such as creating a new graphic to draw a random one, and then the window of the path to choose the merged shape copy up and then delete the original shape, You can also select the intersecting shapes with a larger shape ... Nonono! It's too much trouble! Use this method!

The rear wheel is comfortably tuned. The bumper in front of the headlights is too ugly, said the friend. OK, good advice, then to amend. It is an efficient thing to find a few good friends to make a comment before you officially publish your work.

Hum, it's getting tired. The car is really troublesome, so why not model it first? Okay, I'm not 3D. But if I will, I will not use every time, complete mouse painting brings you a complete ugly display of perspective and color knowledge. You have to face yourself are not willing to admit that the original perspective so bad ah. But when you're done, you'll have a strong sense of accomplishment.

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