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This is a simple Photoshop technique that can be applied to a variety of effects from hair, skin, grass, fire, and quite a few things. So in this tutorial, I'll show you how to do a very cool and simple tutorial with the most basic tools in PS6-furry fonts.

1th Step

Open the Photoshop CS6 and create a new document. I use the 2880x1800 pixel dimensions. Add a text in the Horizontal type tool (T) after. In this tutorial, I use "CS6".

2nd Step

To make the effect more realistic, we can choose some animal texture pictures and then overlay the pictures on the text.

3rd Step

Do not ask me the picture is too small? What to do with the cover? ~ you will not duplicate the picture, manual processing, until the text is covered!

4th step

Follow the previous cover, but it looks unnatural!! Ma, do not use the eraser tool to deal with it? details!! Get the details!

5th step

Go to the Layers panel and select the text layer. Click the thumbnail of the top layer to the right mouse button, and then click Select Pixel. A marquee selection using text will be added as a reference. (You can also use shortcut keys CTRL + Left-click Front icon of text layer)

6th step

When the selection comes out, select the layer of the texture picture on the Layers panel and click on the layer → layer template → display the selection. You get the following effect.

7th step

Build a brush for later use. I created a brush that was modified with the default brush (grass), named (furs), just like the shape below. How to save the brush? own Baidu.

8th Step

Go to the Brush Settings window. Then select one of the fur that we just created in the brush tip shape. After that, just follow the settings below to get a cool brush right away, exactly the "brush."

9th step

Select the mask for the fur layer, and then with the Brush tool (B), select the white brush that we just created. Start by creating a very lifelike effect on the edge of the alphabet. Tip: To change the brush size often, make the effect more natural.

10th Step

The steps are the same as above!~ don't explain!

11th Step

See the fast-shaping furry font layer, then select Layer > Layer style > Inner shadow.

Later we will add the inner shadow and shadow to the layer, and you can refer to the value below.

12th Step

Add a layer style effect, as shown in the figure. There is wood!!!!! The effect is even more awesome pull!

13th step

Go to the Layers panel > Create a new adjustment layer > Photo filter. Using a warming filter (85), a 20%-degree image filter, change the blending mode to multiply the bottom.

14th Step

Now, we just add a beautiful shadow to the letter to make it more realistic!!!!

15th step

Not enough? You can also use the oil bucket tool to fill a @%@% ... The background of the beige

16th step

Do you think this is the end? sir, please stay!!!! You can also use the Brush tool to draw a white spotlight in the middle.


Make more adjustments, try, do design like this spotlight, perhaps you fill the background of beige feel very ugly, but the point of the eye is painted in the middle of the white spotlight effect, make him look more lifelike, softer. As you can see this tutorial is very simple, but it is a technique that I believe you will often use because it is very flexible. I hope you enjoy it and share our results and process comments and suggestions.

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