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For many people, making a composite geometric pattern looks very complicated (I think so), in fact, the practice to understand the inside of the doorway, do not believe today we have to challenge a return ~

1. Create a new 250*250px file, add a vertical, horizontal guide, and position it in the middle of the canvas. This is more convenient to compare position. The canvas color changes to #5a5b5d.

  2. The first geometrical shape

Step 1: Create a new group-small pattern. Using the Ellipse tool, draw a circle of 40px diameter in the center of the canvas, fill none, stroke 2pt, white.

Step 2: Draw another smaller circle, diameter 20px, fill none, stroke 1pt, white. Place in the position of the following figure, where the circle center is the anchor point at the top and bottom of the large circle.

Step 3: Similarly, draw a two smaller circle, 10px in diameter, on both sides of the circle.

Step 4: Select the left and right sides of the smallest circle, copy and rotate 30 degrees. Finally achieves the following effect.

Step 5: Select the Polygon tool, draw a hexagonal star, the parameters are as follows.

Step 6: Zoom in to check, select View-Display-pixel grid, the six-point star of each anchor point adjustment, so that each anchor point corresponds to the intersection of the grid.

Then our first pattern is done ~ is not very simple ~

  3. Second shape

Step 1: Build a group of-med pattern. Draw a circle in the center of the canvas, 20px in diameter and stroke 1pt.

Step 2: Add a mask to the circle to achieve the following effect, depending on your preferences.

Step 3: Draw a slightly larger circle with a diameter of 30px.

Step 4: Select the Polygon tool, draw a triangle, stroke 1pt, the parameters are as follows. Don't forget to adjust each anchor point so that it's all right at the intersection of the grid.

Step 5: Copy this triangle, move to the bottom of the circle and flip, to achieve the following effect.

Step 6: Select the two triangles, copy and rotate 30 degrees. Then repeat this step to achieve the following effect.

Step 7: Draw a circle of 110px diameter, stroke 2pt.

Step 8: Draw an ellipse, the parameters and position as follows.

Step 9: Select the Transform Anchor Point tool to change the ellipse's top and bottom two anchor points to a sharp angle.

Step 10: Copy the shape and place it below.

Step 11: Select the two graphics, copy and rotate 15 degrees, and finally achieve the following effect.

Step 12: Draw a circle, put in the upper left of the big circle, diameter 20px, stroke 1pt.

Step 13: Draw a hexagonal star, don't forget to adjust the anchor point Oh.

Step 14: Copy this small circle and six-point star, placed to the right upper, lower right and lower left of the great circle, finished.


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