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A new skin treatment method, has not seen other people published, should be considered original. Because the main means of thinking and methods, so the treatment is not very meticulous, we understand that good. Use software Lr+ps (mainly PS)

Raw artwork

LR Color Map

PS Final effect diagram

  Light analysis of original artwork

According to the direction and intensity of the bicycle projection can be analyzed that the sun is located in the upper left of the picture and light intensity is very weak, so the model facing the lens of the skin is in the direction of the light, that is, the dark part of the light, plus the use of AV files automatically exposed and did not fill the light so the original picture appears to be more gray, the skin also appears dark yellow.

 LR Palette

In LR, the primary treatment is mainly to adjust the brightness and hue, and there is no large treatment of the skin. In LR increased exposure brightness and skin color brightness, the skin has been improved, but still appear a bit dark yellow.

  PS Treatment of skin

The color in LR will be imported into PS, the skin will be specially processed in PS. Later, the idea is to extract the skin, and then the skin alone to deal with, so as not to affect the overall picture.

  Extract Skin

Familiar with PS friends should know if you need to extract the skin can have a lot of methods, I use the portraiture, the basic principle of this plug-in is to extract skin and then grinding skin treatment, and I only need to use this plugin to extract skin, as for the grinding skin on the casual.

  Skin Portraiture by Peeling plug

This is the interface of the plugin, note that the red box in the upper left corner is a mask to extract the skin preview.

The skin layer that is extracted

Plug-in extraction of the skin is not very accurate, but also mixed with the environment, with an eraser to erase the environment, so that only the skin layer is left.

  PS Skin Treatment

The first step is to use a curved tool to highlight, and the second step is to use the optional Color tool to brighten and polish the skin's red and yellow. It's easy to say no more.

 PS The most important step

The skin is illuminated and polished by a curved tool and an optional color tool, but because the layer relationship affects not only the skin but also the overall picture. What we want is to handle the skin directly without affecting the overall picture. So we have to complete the important step: first select the skin layer and graph layer, and then hold down the ALT key, move the mouse to two layers of the middle click, so that the graph layer will only function on the skin layer, will not affect the overall picture. Similarly, select the color layer, ALT, move the mouse to the middle of two layers click, so that the graph layer and the optional color layer will only function on the skin layer, will not affect the overall picture. At this point, the treatment of the skin has been basically completed, if we feel that is not enough, but also through the color balance tool and hue/saturation tool to further the treatment of the skin.

    • PS Palette Tutorial
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