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  One: There is a compatible wireless network , the PSP can surf the internet. The PSP is compatible with most wireless networks, such as wireless networks that are currently covered in exhibitions or some commercial venues (such as McDonald's and Starbucks Coffee), where your PSP can surf the internet.

  There are 2 kinds of networks here:

1, the public network, that is, no landing restrictions, anyone can access the Internet.

2, Limited, encrypted network (WEP key key), although this network can be searched, but want to access the Internet, you need to enter the corresponding password, password input error can not access the Internet. The meaning is very simple, private network, the idler is exempt from entering ... Want to know the password? Ask the webmaster.

  Two: If you want to use the PSP online at home, but the home does not have wireless network coverage , then you need to buy equipment to structure a wireless network. Just buy a wireless router or a wireless network card that you use on your PC (such as the most popular "God Card" now).

Here to explain the point, in the computer-side router settings must be correct, the use of wireless card driver also to install the correct, to ensure the correctness of the network. To put it simply, the PSP will be able to surf the Internet if the laptop is wirelessly connected to the Internet.

Okay, now let's start with the PSP-side Internet operation:

Make sure you have wireless coverage in your area, and ("I feel there are countless internet signals going through my body" ...). This person is not nervous--! haha

Open the PSP and enter the network settings:

Select network Settings-> Basic mode-> Create a new connection

Network Settings->infrastructure Mode-> New Connection

Wireless LAN settings, select Detection, PSP will automatically detect the nearby wireless network, here to search 2 networks

WLAN settings, select SCAN,PSP automatically detects nearby wireless networks, where 2 networks are searched

Kingnet signal Strength 57%, this is what I want to use the network, the signal is poor oh general signal in more than 80% is stable.

The following signal, is someone else's encrypted network, have WEP Key (need password), can not use ... Unless I know their password ...

SSID select Kingnet, cross key "→" Next

Wireless LAN Security settings WLAN secure Setting

No none: Wireless routers that generate a wireless network do not have the key mode open, which is the public network, which is usually chosen for this

WEP: If the router is set to use a key, you need a password to access the network, select this

Enter the WEP key (WEP key) interface and type the correct password

Cross key "→" Next

Address Settings Addr Settings

General Choice Simple Easy can

  Simple Easy

Is that all settings use the PSP default settings, the PSP will automatically obtain all the information of the wireless router, including IP address, DNS address, etc., this is the PSP general settings, recommended in Starbucks coffee shops and McDonald's hot spots and their home network to use

  customizing custom

This comparison of complex, not familiar to the computer network, the fear of trouble friends can ignore the following n paragraph text, but if the choice of simple mode can not normal Internet friends must see.

Select "Custom Custom" after the cross button "→" next step into the next submenu:

IP address set IP addresses Setting

  There are three options:

Automatically get Automatic IP address

Manual Manual manually Specify IP addresses

PPPoE PPPoE connection method (this ignores it)

Automatically assign IP address automatic is to let the PSP automatically set the computer IP address, subnet mask and automatically obtain the IP address of the wireless router, if not sure, then choose to automatically assign IP address automatic.

  Manually Specify IP address manual option settings:

IP addresses ("IP address"): Enter the IP address you give to the PSP, in general, the first three digits of the IP address and the IP address of the wireless router used are the same, if you use the IP address of the wireless router is, then the PSP route address should be 192.168.0.X, "X" can be any integer value of 2-255, but be careful not to and already on the router already exists in the IP address conflict.

Subnet Mask ("Subnet Mask"): Generally enter

Default router (Gateway) ("Default Router"): Enter the IP address of the wireless router you are using, as in the example above, it should be

Preferred DNS server address ("Primary DNS") and alternate DNS server address ("Secondary DNS"): These two options need to enter the DNS server address for local broadband respectively

When you are done, press the next step to the right, and you will see Proxy server proxy: If you have not heard of your network needs proxy settings, choose not to use the do. If you need the appropriate settings, to find network management ...

All set complete, cross key "→" Next

Connection Name network connection name, name with their favorite, after the completion of the cross key "→" into the next step

The PSP will appear at the set list of Setting lists, showing everything you just set up, including the connection name, key, SSID, and so on, and you can check your settings inside, checking for errors

Confirm the right to press the cross button "→", when the PSP will be prompted to press 0 keys to save settings, press The0button to save settings, according to the "0" save, the PSP will be prompted to save the completed and let you test the connection test C Onnection

The results list appears when the test is complete:

The last line of Internet connection connecttion, if the display of success succeeded means that the PSP has successfully connected to the Internet through the router, congratulations hi.

Open the browser, enter the website address, start the internet! ~~

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