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Quality assurance is an important process in the software development process. It is also the most important link to pay attention to. First of all, we must distinguish QA from the testing department or the system testing and maintenance testing department. This is an easy-to-understand mistake.
I. QA responsibilities.
A. Helps pm to crop general regulations and templates at the organization level.
B. participate in software reviews.
C. Approve and review the project plan.
D. monitor whether project activities comply with the process manual (specified project activities)
E. Collect and analyze metric data of the project team and provide suggestions.
F. Track the problem and defects until they are closed.
G. Train and guide the project team on procedures.
H. Ensure that the product and configuration library are included after all reviews
I. Optional participation in project-related meetings and activities.
J. Internal Audit (periodic task audit, configuration audit, and emergency audit ).
Ensure that the activity data meets the quality objectives in the Project Plan.
Audits meetings of various stages (by checklist)

2. QA from the perspective of software product development lifecycle
Sow is assigned to the project team, and the corresponding QA appears-> review Sow-> check the approved sow with reference to checklist. and ensure that the project is in the correct project folder-"assure the PID is allocated-" guides the project evaluation (introduces the technology and supervises the process)-"ensures that the project plan is developed and participates in the review plan according to certain procedures, and follow up the problem to its close-"participate in project kick-off meetings-" ensure that the demand analysis process (analysis work, technology, activities, reviews)-"implements delivery audit and baseline audit, ensure that issues identified by delivery audits and baseline audits are closed-guide the project team to prepare a demand tracking matrix-ensure that design tools and standards are available-Ensure design activities, reviews, and defects, assists the project team in Defect Cause Analysis and leads rectification activities to implement delivery audit and baseline audit, ensure that issues identified by delivery audits and baseline audits are closed-ensure that documents and Demand Tracking matrices are updated before the end of the phase, update, correct, and improve metric data-ensure tools and standards required for coding-ensure Code is implemented in accordance with the procedures, defect tracking to closure, assisting the project team in Defect Cause Analysis and guiding rectification activities-implementing delivery audits and baseline audits, ensure that issues identified by delivery audits and baseline audits are closed-ensure document and requirement tracking matrix updates-ensure that tools for unit testing, integration testing, and system testing are available, test technical guidance, track defects to close, analyze defect causes, deliver audits, baseline audits, and track audit issues to close. Ensure that the test report document and requirement tracking matrix are updated and that, before the end of the phase, QA will participate in the release meeting to update, correct, and improve the measurement data-to verify the results of the sample test, to check whether the release requirements are met and verify the release. Ensure that the customer receives the release report and officially accepts the report.

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