"2016.5.27" Goodbye, Software Engineering, hello, software engineering.

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Today is May 27, the Software engineering class has been closed for one weeks, the day after tomorrow is the software engineering final Exam day, thinking about this semester of the coming, from novelty, to conflict, to accept, to understand, which the ups and downs, only their own know.

Today is 210 days away from the postgraduate examination, to tell the truth, if there is no postgraduate examination, big create, there are some chaotic game, I will be more into the software engineering study, it is a pity, but also very helpless. Like the water running to the sea does not look back, we also do not regret the medicine can eat, since the choice, it must assume all the consequences of his cause.

My interest lies in the embedded, as a design, thinking of the direction, I feel that the theory of software engineering is not so strong, but now, I totally do not look at it, its thinking, it is a kind of attitude to the software, and the construction of software methods, are worthy of our study, from the visible aspect, Coding system is still more useful to grasp, in the learning coding help, I gradually understand how to clone a warehouse, create branches, code iterations, really useful, so far, but also clearly remember, last winter vacation, and bread meow do a project together, a small embedded small design, 2000 rows or so, the most common phrase we say is:

"Is that so?" ”

"There is a problem ... I change to see ... ”

"Well, it feels good, you see."

"Really good, yes, where did you change?" ”

"The amount ...." I forgot ... ”

However, now, with the help of the coding system, we can avoid this situation, we push the results will be very clear on the coding system, changed where, when changed, clearly visible, rollback and its convenience, Feel free to write something now like to upload to coding this software platform, PS: Follow the follow the registration of a GitHub account, Https://github.com/holydai, which is now a Raspberry Pi connected cloud platform of a socket project, slowly learning, Slowly walking, software engineering class, to this end, and software engineering, always on the road.

Here's my translation of that passage:

Software engineers should be committed to the requirements of the software analysis, produce specifications, design, development, testing and maintenance, to do the benefit of this industry, to promote the development of the industry, software engineers in order to ensure the health of the software, safe, easy to use, should adhere to the following eight principles:

1, in line with the public interest, not evil.

2, to maintain the interests of customers and bosses

3, the best possible to make their own software to meet the highest standards, excellence.

4, to have their own independent thinking

5, the leader should develop a set of reasonable and effective management software development and maintenance

6, in line with the public interests of the premise, to maintain the stability and reputation of the industry (do not do damage to the programmer's reputation)

7. Share your knowledge and wisdom with colleagues and support them fairly.

8. Lifelong Learning


This semester, some too busy, originally in the team work, can do better, but because of my reason, the function is not able to achieve 100%, but first released a, to now, download volume 0 ..... In fact, I wanted to get the UWP calculator, I have Microsoft's student developer account, published to the app store not only can not compete with the traditional X86 application, but also for 1% to make some contribution, but time really does not allow, after I completed the examination, I will use my software engineering to learn the knowledge, and my little friends, To develop the app version of our Shen-hang digital campus. Speaking of that will do, then, the blog reopened more, welcome to step on.

Finally thank the teacher and the teaching assistants of the careful guidance and hard work, you guide us into the temple of software engineering, I wish you in the future work, health, good luck.

"2016.5.27" Goodbye, Software Engineering, hello, software engineering.

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