"Cloud Talk" of the second "AT&T released Cloud storage-based IoT products"

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2015-01-14Zhang XiaodongOriental Cloud Insights

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AT&T building IoT products based on cloud data storage

Recently AT&T announced new design tools and enterprise-based development management services to help enterprise developers build internet of Things (IoT) applications and services.

The corresponding tests were launched last year, AT&T officials said, before the international Consumer Electronics Show, which was just held at the annual developer Summit. AT&T did not disclose the price.

Many companies have started using the M2X Data Services Beta, including Emerson and its partners, Manitowoc Food Services, Rockwell Automation, Ericsson, Samsung, Wipro and Nemerex. Nemerex uses M2X services and software to provide remote site monitoring of oil and chemical distribution equipment.

Samsung is working with M2X to create a Tizen device library that enables developers to store and use smartwatch applications and other tizen-based wearables from Samsung Gear S.

AT&T also announced the flow Designer beta, which provides cloud-based visual development tools to help teams build IoT applications. Joe BOSSALINI,AT&T, a product development engineer, says: Flow designer can help developers with less experience and quickly build application prototypes.

AT&T has been working for the past two years to build its service portfolio, provide service options to application developers, and provide its own IoT-related services. The company said last fall that it had more than 18 million connected devices on its wireless network and had been advancing its digital Life home security and automation software strategy released last year.

Also in Monday, AT&T said it would expand its digital life partnership to provide integrated products and services to third parties such as Lu Chong Electronics, Samsung, Qualcomm Life and LG Electronics. Integrating these products is expected to help AT&T rapidly expand its digital life products to customers.

Kevin Petersen, senior vice president of AT&T Digital Life, said in an interview: "In the family can only live innovation is the inflation point, but to truly promote the acceptance of the majority of users, we need to provide a strong platform, by working with the major industry leaders and developers to the best ideas landed, to provide users with value. ”

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"Cloud Talk" bis "AT&T publishing cloud storage-based IoT products"

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