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Brief introduction:

"Flipping classroom" is a term translated from English "Flippedclass model", which is generally referred to as "reverse classroom teaching mode".

The traditional teaching mode is the teacher lectures in class, decorate homework, let the students go home to practice. Different from the traditional classroom teaching mode, the students complete the Knowledge study at home, and the classroom becomes the interactive place between the teacher and students and the students and students, including the question-answering, the use of knowledge and so on, so as to achieve better educational effect. The popularization of Internet and the application of computer technology in the field of education make the teaching mode of "flipping classroom" become feasible and realistic. Students can use the Internet to access high-quality educational resources, and no longer rely solely on the instructor to teach knowledge. The role of the classroom and the teacher has changed. Teachers are more responsible for understanding students ' problems and guiding them to use knowledge.

"Flipping classroom" and traditional classroom teaching mode is different, students at home through the teacher released video to complete the knowledge of learning, the classroom has become a teacher between students and students and students interaction between the place, including answering questions, the use of knowledge. "Flipping the classroom" is widely respected in the United States, even called the general trend of the classroom revolution. and Mu class in the domestic still belongs to the stage of initial exploration.

To go to the new class first to ask students to watch the video at home, and the teacher's task is to bring students to discuss problem solving!


2000, United States Maureenlage, Glenn Platt and Michael treglia in paper "inverting the classroom:a Gateway tocreating an Inclusive learni NG Environment "introduced the model of" flipped teaching "when they taught" Introduction to economics "at the University of Miami, USA, and their achievements. But they did not propose the term "flipping classroom" or "flipping teaching".

In 2000, J.wesley Baker published his thesis at the 11th session of the International Conference on University Teaching, "Theclassroom flip:using Web Course management tools to become the guide by Thesid E ". In 2007, Colorado State Woodlandpark High School's chemistry teacher, Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams, used the "flip-classroom" teaching model in the classroom and promoted the use of this model in American primary and secondary education. With the development and popularization of the Internet, the method of flipping the classroom has become popular and controversial in the United States.

At home, there was a similar teaching method, but it was dubbed an efficient class. Typical examples include the Dulangkou teaching model, which was tried by Dulangkou in Shandong in 1998. Unlike the current flipping classes, students do not use micro-videos and online titles, but use pilot cases, textbooks, and exercise books.


Using video to implement teaching has been explored many years ago. In the 50 's, the broadcast and television education in many countries of the world was proof. Why did the exploration of the year did not have a great impact on the traditional teaching model, and "flipping the classroom" but much attention? This is because "flipping the classroom" has several distinct features:

First, instructional videos are short and concise

Whether it's Salman Khan's math tutoring video, or the chemistry teaching video Jonathan Berman and Allen Sams, a common feature is the short and short. Most videos are only a few minutes long and the longer video is only more than 10 minutes. Each video is aimed at a specific problem, has a strong pertinence, it is more convenient to find; Video length control in the student's attention can be more concentrated in the time range, in line with the students ' physical and mental development characteristics; videos released through the web, with pause, playback and other functions, can be self-control, Conducive to students ' self-study.

Second, the teaching information is clear and clear

One notable feature of Salman Khan's instructional video is that the only thing that can be seen in the video is his hand, constantly writing some mathematical symbols and slowly filling the entire screen. In addition, it is an external tone that is explained in conjunction with writing. In Salman Khan's own words: "This way." It does not seem like I am standing on the podium for you to lecture, it makes people feel intimate, as we sit in front of a table, study together, and write the content on a piece of paper. "This is the teaching video of" flipping the classroom "with the traditional instructional video as a different point. The appearance of the teacher's avatar in the video, as well as the various items in the classroom, will distract the students, especially in the case of students ' self-study.

Thirdly, re-structuring the learning process

Typically, the student's learning process consists of two stages: the first stage is "information transfer", which is achieved through interaction between teachers and students, students and students; the second stage is "assimilation", which is done by the students themselves after class. Due to the lack of support from teachers and the help of peers, the "assimilation" phase often makes students frustrated, losing their motivation and sense of accomplishment. "Flipping the classroom" has reconstructed the students ' learning process. "Information transfer" is the students in the pre-class, the teacher not only provide video, but also provide online tutoring, "absorption" is in the classroom through interactive, teachers can understand the students in advance learning difficulties, in the classroom to give effective counseling, The mutual communication between students helps to promote the assimilation process of students ' knowledge.

IV, review and test convenient and quick

After watching the teaching video, students understand the content of the study, the video followed by the four to five small problems, can help students timely testing, and their own learning situation to make judgments. If you find a few questions that are not well answered, students can look back and think carefully about what has gone wrong. The student's answer to the question, can be in time through the cloud platform to carry on the summary processing, helps the teacher to understand student's study condition. Instructional video Another advantage is that it is easy for students to study after a period of review and consolidation. The follow-up of the evaluation technology enables the students to learn the relevant links can be empirical information, in favor of teachers to really understand the students.


"Flipping the classroom" should bear fruit in China's educational land, to promote the curriculum reform in China to the depth of the direction of development, need to do the following several aspects of preparation.

First, we must establish a firm belief in educational change.

Ideas dictate behavior. What kind of education idea, what kind of education behavior will have. Many teachers in the "score first" education environment, has tempered a set of housekeeping skills, forming a fixed teaching paradigm and habits. The implementation of "flipping the classroom", it is necessary to break the balance between their own and the educational environment, so that they are in a new, their own inner not exactly grasp the state of turbulence. If there is no firm belief in reform as a support, teachers are usually unwilling to "leather" their own lives.

Second, there should be higher education information literacy.

Today's students, in their own lives in the information age, the information age of electronic products and all kinds of software have a natural sense of closeness. But today's teachers are different, and their teenage years are largely untouched by computers, lacking a sense of closeness to information technology. Most of the teachers usually use the computer is on the Internet, writing some text and data forms, making PPT, etc., other software and technology rarely covered. Although the video platform can hire people to make the production, but if teachers do not have a series of skills related to teaching video production, it is very difficult to promote the "flip classroom" reform.

Thirdly, we should grasp the key point of "flipping classroom".

In order to implement "flipping classroom", many people will focus on the production of video, which is actually a misunderstanding. Video is naturally important, but more important than video is how to dominate the extra time in the classroom. Classroom dialogue and discussion, teachers need to make careful preparation and careful observation, to truly teach students in accordance with their aptitude. The success of "flipping the classroom" is due to the increase in the efficiency of the student's "assimilation" learning process brought about by the classroom discussion.

Four, do the role conversion.

First of all, the role of teachers from the traditional role of the Saints into a mentor, and secondly, the role of students to highlight the subject of learning and necessary initiative, because if there is no certain initiative, the reversal of learning in the classroom can not be carried out, students must be active and active thinking, the role of parents change, It is difficult for parents to accept the new learning mode under the traditional education ideology, in this process, we should strengthen the propaganda work of flipping classroom learning, so that parents can understand the new type of education, so as to create a good learning environment and atmosphere.


Flipping the classroom using rich information resources, so that students gradually become the protagonist of learning. Therefore, the promotion of the evaluation mechanism can promote the popularization of the flipped classroom.

Flip the classroom to promote, to break the existing who is the teacher, who will evaluate the student's learning situation of the traditional practice, to establish a new evaluation mechanism. Students in the process of learning, you can watch their teacher's video to learn, but also to watch other teachers of the video to learn, as long as the smooth through learning, should be calculated credits. In favor of the sharing of quality education resources, it is of great significance to promote the balanced development of education.

Video instead of face-to-head, students have more time in the classroom to participate in key learning activities with their teachers.

The reason for flipping the class is that the "lectures" in the past can be completed by the students at home in the course of the lectures, while the past "homework" has been completed in class.

But for the successful turnover classroom teacher, the above definition is far from enough to cover the connotation of the inverted classroom. There is still a great debate about whether flipping the classroom is an effective educational method.

Common misconceptions about flipping classrooms:

Synonymous with online video. When people hear about flipping the classroom, the first idea is video, in fact, a productive face to the interactive learning activity is the most important value of flipping the classroom.

Replace the teacher with video.

Online courses.

Students have no teacher guidance.

The students stared at the computer screen in the whole class.

Students learn in isolation. (No social and interactive)

Flip the essence of the classroom:

Increase student and teacher interaction and personalized communication methods.

The environment in which students learn independently.

The teacher is no longer the sage on the podium, but the mentor around him.

A mixed model of direct and suggested learning.

Flip the classroom so that students who are sick or participate in the activity will not be left behind.

The content of the flipped class is permanently saved for review and correction.

All the students are involved in the study.

All students have access to individualized education.

A problem exists:

From the student's point of view, is flipping the classroom model really solves the problem of individualized teaching? For the traditional education of the criticism is that the treatment of different children engage in "one-size-fits-all", not only in the teaching is so, the exam is more so, which makes a lot of children can only in the class "Follow-up", and not according to their own learning ability and digestion level customized to meet their own learning plan.

Flipping the classroom Although the control of learning to the students, but we should see the current situation of domestic students: not good at questioning and initiative is not strong, these two points directly affect the effect of flipping classroom.

From the teacher's point of view, the domestic teachers have to guide the professional quality of learning? Flipping the classroom is very important, is through the teacher's guidance and answer questions to check the effect of students learning, in the flip class, the teacher's role is not diluted, but from the other side has been strengthened, it requires teachers to be able to ask, through the discussion between students and finish homework, The situation of the project to analyze and grasp the student's learning effect, compared to the traditional teaching mode, the teacher from active to passive, from the leading to guide, which has higher requirements for its professional quality, and students as accustomed to the traditional education model of the teacher group, it is difficult to complete their own transformation in a short time.

From the parents ' point of view, how to quantify the teaching effect of flipping classroom? China's parents are very concerned about education, "pushy, hope female into chicken" is the wish of parents, although now young parents for children's education has a more fashionable ideas and more open ideas, but there is always the same, that is how to quantify the teacher's teaching effect and students learning situation? In the past, we passed the examination to rank the students, for the teacher assessment, but under the influence of quality education concept, parents pay more attention to the overall development of children. For the flipping class, it is not only the order of teaching and learning, but also the final effect evaluation mechanism.

"Flip Classroom" material

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