"Classic Algorithm Daquan" collection of 51 classic algorithms beginners must

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The classic algorithm encyclopedia is an app for the iOS platform. It contains 51 kinds of common algorithms, which are some basic problems. Bo Master coveted for a long time, but the sad is Bo master no Apple, so from the Internet under the old Ben's finishing version and each hand knocked over.

Although there are blogs posted on the Internet, but it is always good to write their own feelings. Now share a few people.

The code and the results of the operation will inevitably have errors, please forgive us.

1. Tower of Hanoi (Hanoi)

2. Fee-Type Series

3. Bath Triangle

4. Tri-Color Chess

5. Mice walking Maze (1)

6. Mice walking Maze (2)

7. The Knight walks the Board

8. Eight Queens

9. Eight pieces of silver

10. Life Games

11. String Check

12. Two-color River Hanoi, tri-Color River Hanoi

13. Knapsack problem

14. Monte Carlo method to seek Pi

15.Eratosthenes screening for prime numbers

16. Extra-long integer operations (large number operations) at the same time, it is recommended to refer to this article: the arithmetic of large numbers-Haizi's Blog Park

17. Long Pi

18. Max Common factor, least common multiple, factorization

19. Perfect number

20. Armstrong number

21. Maximum number of visitors

22. Mid-order post-order (pre-sequence related article: infix expression value problem

23. Post-operation

24. Wash Playing cards (random number arrangement)

25.Craps Gambling Games

26. The question of Joseph

27. Permutation and composition related articles: female function and permutation combination

28. Gray code (grey code)

29. Generating possible collections related articles: Set partitioning issues

A subset of n elements of the 30.M element collection

31. Digital Disassembly

32. Score Ranking

33. Select, insert, bubble sort

34.shell sorting-Improved insertion sorting

35.shaker sorting-Improved bubble sorting

36. Improved selection sequencing

37. Quick Sort Method One

38. Quick Sort Method Two

39. Quick Sort Method Three

40. Merge Sort method

41. Radix sorting method

42. Circular search method (using guards)

43. Two-point search method (binary search method, binary lookup method) related articles: two-point search

44. Interpolation Search method

45. Fee-Search method

46. Sparse matrices

47. Multidimensional matrix to one-dimensional matrix

48. Upper triangle, lower triangle, symmetric matrix

49. Odd Magic Squares

50.4N Magic Phalanx

51.2 (2n+1) Magic Phalanx

"Classic Algorithm Daquan" collection of 51 classic algorithms beginners must

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