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In primary, secondary or university, teachers face varying degrees of pressure, most of which come from teaching. How to help teachers to reduce pressure, and constantly solve all kinds of problems in teaching, and then continuously improve the quality of teaching? The teaching platform of the network course of HOK-PU is guided by this idea, which is devoted to helping teachers to solve problems, accumulate teaching contents, promote communication between teachers and students and reduce crisis.

The auxiliary teaching platform of the network course is a comprehensive platform which is continuously improved and perfected in many educational experts, doctoral tutors, computer professional teachers, young teachers and a large number of students. In the long-term use, the platform gradually formed a set of unique teaching concept, namely "precise teaching" thought. In order to enable each teacher to use the curriculum platform, can understand the "precise teaching" idea, at present the platform has been free to the public to use. The perfect combination of platform and thought will benefit more and more teachers and students.

Teacher Wang of Tianjin foreign economic and trade Vocational College, a young teacher who just graduated from the Foreign Language Institute last year, currently teaches "German" courses. At the beginning of last semester, the Academic Administration Office organizes teachers to study the use of "Crane-Nursery Network Course platform", encourages teachers to set up courses on the platform, and improve teaching content with the help of platform. Further improve the quality of teaching. One months after the training, the academic administrator found that in the school's curriculum access rankings, Mr. Wang's "German" curriculum is always ranked first, the number of registered students is more and more, Miss Wang himself to log on to the platform is also the number of teachers in the whole college, what is the interest of the students? The academic administrator opened Mr. Wang's course with doubt.

See is the Curriculum home page, in the teacher introduction, no teacher photos, a few lines of text, is written: "I do not see the importance of the key to see the course notice." "Seeing this intriguing, focused text, the administrator gradually generated a curiosity about the course content. In the "Listening Practice" column, Miss Wang uploaded a lot of wmv format of the sound files, these are available with Microsoft Media Player online playback of the sound files, Wang carefully to the listening content into small sections of the voice file, so that both can be successfully uploaded to the platform to save, It can also reduce the download time of students, and each paragraph is an independent listening content. Administrator from these files upload time to see, Mr. Wang is not a one-time upload these files, but with the lecture time, gradually uploaded. This not only reduces the pressure of teachers, but also reduce the pressure on students, after all, learning is a step-by-step process.

The network course platform of HOK-PU provides all-round support for teachers to improve their courses.

The network course platform can help teachers set up "virtual classroom" through video.

The Administrator with curious mood, enter the forum of the course, see the Forum was set up by the teacher Wang three different nature of the version of the district, there are focused questions, interested in hobbies, have relevant knowledge. Each edition district has many student's message, has the student's question and answer, also has the teacher participation question and answer, takes a closer look at these contents, discovers the teacher everywhere to trigger student's interest, enhances the course the attraction, no wonder the course's visit quantity has been high.

After watching Wang's online course, the administrator felt that young teachers, such as Mr Wang, were actively using the Web-based curriculum platform outside the classroom to transform students ' boredom in class, and Mr. Wang's practice should be extended to more teachers. As a young teacher, Miss Wang compared with the old teachers lack of teaching experience, but he can accumulate experience at the same time, try new teaching methods, catering to students ' interests and hobbies, thinking about the characteristics of students; if our teaching can provide meaningful content to students with the help of the network course platform, And can be constantly updated, will certainly attract students ' eyeballs. Today's students like to surf the internet, running things on the network, for students is "self-taught", which is the advantage of students. Understanding the characteristics of students, Wang combined their own curriculum characteristics, combined with their actual ability to come up with concrete practices:

Foreign language classes, listening training is very important, in the classroom before the teacher used to broadcast the listening content, and then the teacher explained, such a lesson, the student's harvest focus on the teacher's explanation; Because the classroom time is limited, can not repeat many times; the teacher thought of the original long hearing content, Cut into a few small fragments by content, upload to their own online courses, so that students just log in, you can listen to, or download to MP3, so that students can repeatedly listen to several times, until understood, this effect than the teacher explained better, more can improve the students ' listening.

Next, Mr. Wang intends to continue to do two things through the function of the network course platform of the crane Nursery. First, in the course of the network to enter some good web site for students to refer to, broaden their horizons; the second is to establish a teacher's own "virtual classroom", through video and students to communicate, or to communicate between students. "Virtual classroom" once established, as long as the appointment of a good time, students and teachers can be anywhere, in the teacher's curriculum face-to-face flow, teachers also want to invite their foreign friends on the network with their students stream, through this method to improve students ' actual listening and speaking ability.

Many teachers realize that: our idea is to move the course content online, one-time all electronic documents uploaded to the course, and then "finished", the course content looks very rich, the interface is also very beautiful, that is, there is very little content updates, so the student access is basically a one-time completion. We rarely consider whether students are interested, whether they really need it, and the extent to which the course content is done from the perspective of the teacher's needs, and quite a few of the online courses are made to declare "excellent courses". Now more and more first-line teachers begin to change their ideas, will ask themselves: my online courses for who to do, for leadership and do. For the selection. or in order to promote the title and do, are not, in accordance with the nature of the development needs, must be for the students to do, such network courses have vitality, teachers have the core competitiveness, the school has cohesion.

How to use the free course platform in school

The Network Course Assistant teaching Platform (www.hepu.com.cn) provides free services to formal educational institutions, i.e. schools or groups with educational qualifications issued by the national education authorities. The school can download the application form through the website, and the social power sponsoring organization should provide the certificate of running a school. In order to ensure the safety and long-term use of the school, the school should first designate special person as "the educational administrator of the Crane Garden platform", and then the course can be offered by the system. The administrators of each school can manage their own teachers, students, courses, notices and so on. If the school does not appoint a teaching administrator, the system will not approve the course for the teacher's application, so the academic administrator is very important for the smooth use of the platform by the school.

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