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From the "Internet +" point of view, social networks and "Internet + social" is the Internet of social behavior, so the social network to a certain extent reflects the offline real human social composition. Social networks move offline circles through various interests, and strangers socialize to let those who are not talkative online use their words to make their emotions freely available. A social network is a collection of facts and judgments about ordinary things and events.

In fact, domestic social networking has been growing for more than 10 years, and it's really not fast enough. Ten years ago, QQ-represented instant Messaging started the social network, but QQ is just a communication software. In the later development, QQ almost developed into a universal communication software, until the micro-bo, Renren and other representatives of new technologies and communication methods of the birth of social products, the entire social environment can be changed.

But, still is QQ occupies half, chat, group chat, share, space even micro Bo, these products QQ have. The real change of social network pattern, is after 2013, mobile interconnection broke the wall of the QQ masonry, at the same time also dismembered the original social market, achieved the current micro-letter, micro-BO, Mo Mo and so on the situation of the warlords.

As a typical social networking representative, the commercialization of microblogs has been a concern for the industry, as Weibo has not relied on games as a major profit model, and Weibo has been exploring business models that are profitable through media attributes and social attributes, meaning that the commercialization of microblogs represents the commercialization of social products, The commercial attempt and exploration of microblog is the exploration of social network.

Therefore, the study of "Internet + Social", the first to start with the micro-bo this typical. Weibo before and after the listing, coincides with the Ministry of Social Real-name reform and net action, in such a large environment, 2014 micro-blog in Q4 or to achieve a profit of 10 million U.S. dollars, this number is still gratifying. What does this income actually do? As a media, the derivation of a variety of ecological, not to take the traditional media intermediary and advertising costs, indicating that the media form of social networks is indeed more superior to other media. Apart from these changes, what changes will the social network make in the future? What is the trend in 2015 years?

  First, the user's active degree has greatly promoted the social mobility trend to be obvious

2012-1013 years in the industry to sing the decline Bo is everywhere, they are both affected by FB, and traditional media inertia thinking, Micro bo in their eyes is almost relegated to worthless. Later, Weibo's listing gave a powerful blow to these watch-and-bust rhetoric. In the mobile internet age, the social needs of users are more and more needed. Various social software breaks down the microblogging market, and the most essential part of it is precipitated. To 2015, micro-blog live to 176 million, before the listing is 130 million or so, the 2014 to become the micro-bo monthly live user growth of the fastest year, the annual growth of 47 million. Tencent's latest report shows that the monthly live users of micro-letter 468 million, MO Mo month live users also broke through 60 million, but these two products are beyond the pure social media, games and other functions to ensure that users are active enough.

Weibo's monthly active growth, Weibo 2013 is 33%,2014 35%, daily active users also reached 36%. As of the fourth quarter of 2014, the daily active users reached 81 million, mobile terminal active users have more than 80%, to achieve the PC end users to the mobile end of the user's smooth over. Weibo's user group also has a fundamental change, the user accounted for more than half, accounted for 53%, the daily user accounted for, and the sum up nearly 90%.

Second, low-line city users began to burst young users have become mainstream

Almost half of the 2012 microblogging user community came from four cities north and a half from other provinces. In the past 10 years, social networking sites in China have not really done it, whether it be happy, everyone, or MSN, because it did not sink to two or three lines and the following areas. The past 2013 years ago, all social software's head is pressed QQ This mountain, firmly grasps the low line City user's any social demand, including the acquaintance chats, the unfamiliar crowd chats, shares, QQ space and so on, may say has the social attribute the product QQ to have done, even also did the microblog, Fortunately, Weibo has accumulated enough star users, and has its own play.

Mobile Internet in 2013 after the rise, on the one hand because of the independent decomposition of mobile internet characteristics, on the other hand, because of the relatively large QQ transformation, micro-bo, MO, etc. to reflect the user's core needs of differentiated products began to be sought after by the public. A large number of low-line urban users are starting to use mobile social products other than QQ. In 2013, the coverage of Weibo's three-tier cities has been around 7%-8%, while 70% of users are now from lower-tier cities. The real development is that in these two years, Weibo mobile end users accounted for 80% of the total, which in the lower-line city users accounted for a considerable portion. Because the three or four-line city is more aware of the latter, the need for appropriate Internet environment and product use of guidance.

  Third, gradually toward the vertical field of the business model more clearly

In business, whether online enterprises or offline enterprises, in recent years has been to the development trend of market segments, segmentation means that the market vertical, otherwise there will not be O2O such a commercial form. In fact, for social networks and media, there is also a breakdown and vertical trend. Micro-Blog In the film, music, tourism and many other vertical areas do a lot of in-depth content. Vertical How to apply? Micro-blogs are subdivided according to the type of film that each movie of film critics, soundtracks, and the microblogging content of the cast, the user will be able to see all the content of the movie clearly when they search the movie, which is worth a lot more to the user than the fragments that are seen in the information flow.

For example, when users watch movie channels, the information displayed is not according to the user's attention to dispose of the content, but according to the quality of each film to dispose of the content, this approach will be the current Bo main information flow has a different value experience. To implement this technology, Weibo has been developed and tested for several years. To a certain extent, compared with similar products, is a business model of innovation, the significance is to provide users with more valuable information, but also better integration into the business promotion information.

When the user needs are met, it also brings huge traffic, the film on the microblog marketing will become natural. Micro-Blog on a large number of star resources, as well as micro-bo payment and other commercial products are increasingly perfect, but also for the film this vertical area of ecological perfection provides a marketing closed loop. At present, the annual sale of Taobao film tickets, 20% of the amount from micro-blog, the proportion continues to expand, which is visible, in the vertical subdivision of the field, Weibo has many opportunities.

Iv. Information flow advertisement upgrade Big data make social more personal

The commercialization of social media has attracted much attention, and information flow advertising is one of the effective attempts. In the international market, the experience of information flow advertising is being optimized and the effect is becoming more and more obvious. Information flow ads are being widely used and researched by various social platforms, including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and so on, and have their own patterns of information flow advertising. In the domestic market, social media, represented by micro-blogging and micro-letters, is also fully exploiting the value of information flow advertising. Weibo in March 2013 launched the information flow advertising, over the past two years, more than 40,000 customers have launched micro-blog Information flow ads, repeat the ratio as high as 50%, regardless of brand customers or small and medium-sized enterprises have achieved good results.

Another development trend of information flow advertisement is based on the user attribute mining of large data, and large data will become an important key word and main technology of data stream. Weibo according to user's social relations, interest map, activity degree, geographical range and so on, after large data analysis and excavation, each account ID will have its own attribute tag. Weibo provides a packet tool for the brand to help the brand find its target population through the results of large data analysis and mining.

At the same time, micro-blog will also introduce Third-party data, in addition to improving the marketing value of the data market, social data marketing behind the precise delivery of the new social data marketing industry chain development. In this way, you can provide more personalized requirements for the data market. And in meeting the fast consumer products, such as the need for large coverage of customers, micro-blog launched "Big Day." The integration of micro-blog exposure category, content dissemination category and tools and other resources, to help brand advertisers in a faster and more effective way to build brand and user's multiple relationships.

China's social networks have certain characteristics because of various factors, in a relatively open but limited Chinese social network, Weibo's media, social exploration and commercialization exploration is unprecedented, and can be said to have reconstructed the value of social networking, but also for more research on "Internet + social" related people to provide a theory, The case on the data.

Sina Weibo became synonymous with Twitter in the 2014, and 2015 has become synonymous with social media. Along the way, the development of the extremely bumpy, or laugh to the back. The first profit is a new beginning of microblogging, Shimeibo the better, I wish the Chinese social network out of a unique way.

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