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In simple terms, the TTL is full time to live, meaning the life cycle.

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Ping is a very common gadget that is used primarily to determine network connectivity issues. After you use the ping command, common error messages are usually grouped into 3 categories:
1, Unknown Host: Unknown host this error message means that the remote host name cannot be converted to IP address by domain name server (DNS).
The cause of the failure may be a failure of the domain name server, or incorrect name, or a faulty communication line between the network administrator's system and the remote host. Fly
2. Noanswer: No response This failure indicates that the local system has a route to the central host, but receives no letter from it to the central host ·
Interest. The reason for the failure may be one of the following: The hub host is not working, the local or central host network is improperly configured: The local or central router is not; 1::
There is a fault in the communication line, and there is a routing problem in the central host. 1
3, Request TIMBD out: Timeout workstation and hub host connection timeout, packet lost all of the reason: May be to the router connection appears
Problem, or the router may not pass, or the central host has shut down or crashed.

How do I use the ping command to find out why I can't get to the Internet?
1. Syntax format for ping commands:
It is necessary to first introduce to someone who does not know the ping command the specific syntax format of a ping: ping destination Address [parameter 1j[parameter 2] ...
Where the destination address refers to the IP address or domain name of the computer being tested. The main parameters are:
A: Resolve the host address.
N: Data: Number of test packets emitted, the default value is 4.
L: Value: The size of the sent buffer.
T: Continue the ping command until the user presses CTRL/C to the end.
Additional parameters for Hng can be viewed by running the ping or ping-command at the MS-dos prompt-bu.
2. Tips for hng commands:
With ping::[: To check the TCP/IP protocol on a network server and on any client: when doing so, just ping on any other computer on the network
The IP address of the computer. For example, to check the network file server 192. 192. 225. TCP/IP protocol two on 225HPQW [: Whether normal, as long as in
In the Start menu, type ping 192 in the Run subkey. 192. 225. 225 is OK. If HPQW TCP/IP protocol: [: Normal, it will be DOS
The screen mode displays the following information:
Pinging 192. 192. 225. Dara with ByteS of:
Reply from 192. 192. 225,225:bytes=32 time=lms TTL 2,128
Reply from 192. 192,225. 225:bytes=32 time<1ms ttl=128
Reply from 192. 192. 225. 225:bytes ' timereply from 192. 192. 225. 225:bytes ' timeping statistice for 192. 192. 225. 225:
Packets:sent two 4,received 4,lost 20 (0%loss)
Approximate round trips times in Milli-seconds:
The above 4 test packets are returned, where bytes=32 indicates that the packet size sent in the test is 32 bytes, "Me<10ms represents the host
The time taken for a round trip is less than 10 milliseconds, and ttl=128 indicates that the current test uses a TTL value of 128 (system default).
If there is a problem with the network, return the response failure message as shown below:
Pinging 192. 192,225. With bytes of data
RequeSt timed out.
RequeSt timed out.
RequeSt timed out.
RequeSt timed out.
Ping Statistice for 192. 192. 225,225:
Packets:sent=4,received two 0,lost\ 24 (100%loss)
Minimum ' 0ms,maximum=oms,average ' 0mS
Network failure: In the second case, it is recommended to proceed from the above aspects: first, to see if the computer is being tested has the TCP/IP protocol installed:
The second is to check whether the network card of the tested computer is installed correctly and connected: three is to see whether the TCP/IP protocol of the tested computer and network F
Valid bindings (by selecting "Start one set a control panel one network" to view): If you pass the above several steps of the check has not
Discover the crux of the problem, suggest reinstall and set up a, ' factory tcp/' agreement, if it is the problem of TCP/IP protocol, at this time absolutely can be completely solved.
In this way, we can also use the ping command to check the performance of TCP/IP on a single customer's turbulent computer. For example we want to check the network for any
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