Rain forest Wind Windows Vista ULTIMATE with SP1 Lite version Y2.1

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software size:2.66G

software language: Simplified Chinese

Software Category: foreign software/operating system

Operating Environment: Win2003, WinXP, Win2000, NT, winme,winvista,win7

Licensing method: free software

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Rain forest Wind Windows Vista ULTIMATE with SP1 Lite, Windows Vista ULTIMATE SP1 X86 MSDN Official Simplified Chinese edition streamlined optimized, unattended installation, no activation, no serial number, easy to install and fast!

The Rain Tree Wind Vista 2.1 Lite is still made in four-in-one format, including a full installation, lossless Lite, Standard Lite, and a minimal lite version of four versions:

The full installation version adds OEM information on the original to enable the brand to successfully activate, consolidating most of the latest important level patches (including the latest IE 0day patches), cracking themes and tcpip connections, integrating WinRAR and IE Flash Playback plugin and a very stable dream desktop, this version is the full version, a file has not been deleted! 8953 MB size After all system files have been expanded.

The lossless lite only removes parts of the drive and Vista's natural language (non-TTS speech engine) and other infrequently used components, this version of the function is close to the original, the volume is much smaller than the original. The lossless Lite version is suitable for users with high system requirements and does not like the original bloated user installation, the system files all expanded after 6625 MB size.

Standard Lite continues to streamline components such as Movie/dvd Maker, Media Center, Windows room, BitLocker Drive Encryption, Windows Search, Windows Defender, Windows Backup, voice support, and more, based on a lossless lite version. Keep tablet, support handwriting function, for most users, this version is a good choice, ordinary users recommend the installation of this version, the system files all expanded after 4982 MB size.

Minimal Lite is not the killer, this version of the standard Lite on the basis of the removal of Windows calendar, time synchronization, offline files, some games, sidebar, help, tablets, IIS and other components, basically retains the usual features of Vista, preserving Vista's luxury interface, Installs for users who want to experience vista operating systems that are not demanding. Do not misunderstand, the smallest lite version is not often said CD version, in fact, the rain forest wind will not launch such a small version, at least in the current Vista production technology, CD version of the Vista system function is certainly seriously incomplete. It is well known that the older machines are hard to find for Vista, so why not drive the best compatibility that Microsoft offers for that bit of space. In order to further reduce system garbage, some components are reduced and then added in a way that is invisible in the "Turn Windows features on or off" list, but the functionality of these components is completely normal and the 4033 MB size after the system files are expanded.

This version of the collection of friends from all walks of life comments and suggestions, although we have produced the simplest version, still in the maximum retention of certain components to enhance the compatibility of the system to the user's needs as the standard, the production of real close to the user's system, special thanks to the enthusiastic support of the general membership! The rain forest Vista is also the first to support the Lost planet and other special requirements of the game and to kill soft Little Red Umbrella Vista Lite.

About activation:
The system integrates almost all of the market's OEM Activation certificate information, a total of 38 kinds, that is, this is a 38-in-one OEM version of Vista, I believe so far there is no such a full OEM system on the network, if your computer is installed in the purchase of Vista, The system can be deactivated in these computers, which is equivalent to the OEM Lite version. Some brands are pre-installed in the machine is not Vista, users can visit the official website to see if there is a new version of Vista BIOS, update the BIOS can be free to activate Vista, this activation is not cracked, and the official activation is the same, users can in this system on Microsoft's website "do whatever". Of course, for those who cannot make OEM activation, we also have the corresponding activation measures, after the installation is complete, the user can check whether the system is activated, and then decide which activation method to use. Be sure to read the activation instructions before activating! This production we do not have the activation tool built into the system, but the unified prevention in the CD-ROM, users can choose the appropriate activation tool according to their own needs, these tools are rigorously tested, but there will still be a case of activation failure, which is mostly related to the hardware environment of the computer, is normal phenomenon, One way to activate a failure is to take another approach, but uninstall the last failed activation before activating the next activation.

Note: Some users prefer to test the system with a VM, note that the Vistaboot activation tool cannot be used for VMS and other virtual machines, or it will cause the system to fail to boot!

Production Concept:
The system positioning is only to clean up the system's infrequently used components and simple optimization, non-destructive lite version of the pure system after the completion of about 6G size, the standard lite version about 4.5G size, the smallest lite version will be smaller. Streamlining is to reduce the system volume, but also in order to relieve the system, we strive to balance the volume and performance in the production, the development of the Windows system so far, many system components can not be run alone, but interlocking, the components complement each other, to do their utmost to find a balance between volume, speed and stability , perhaps this is the meaning of simplification!

Dream Desktop:
Because the official update download the Dream Desktop in the Lite version of the system run very unstable, and after the crash is difficult to repair, we found a more stable dream desktop, originally has a Chinese language file, just show not beautiful, so the use of English language, the right mouse click can be a Dream desktop video file set to Desktop can ( To achieve a dream desktop, you need to start the Aero visual appearance). This version is cracked, after the trial is very stable, do not recommend users online updates download Dream Desktop!

Warm tips:
1. It is a good habit to install the system before the system driver and the previous C drive is a data backup!
2. About the selection of the Vista driver:
Forum often see the altar friends Feedback said system blue screen, in fact, if the blue screen does not occur in the installation process, but after the installation is complete, then the blue screen is the biggest suspicion is the driver or the application is incompatible, Vista is a new thing, please use a newer version and the official declaration can be used for Vista software or drivers , so you can reduce unnecessary hassle and enjoy Vista.
3. Microsoft recently released a patch KB940510, this patch can cause the existing Vista soft activation invalidation, so the online update users please note, do not install this patch file (although recently many netizens said that KB940510 to our activation tool does not work, security, Or not update this patch for up)!

One, Release notes:
1. This system is a master of the Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 X86 MSDN Original, with the appropriate refinement made, the use of soft activation to achieve the activation-free. The current soft activation can not 100% of the activation of Vista, some systems may not be activated, in order to facilitate the use of different activation mode, CD-ROM with a copy of the activation tool, automatic activation of failed friends please follow the software prompt manual operation activation!
2. The system is not limited to a certain volume standard and deliberately streamlining some components, the streamlined components are some of the daily use of components, the maximum retention of the original Vista, to give users a perfect vista experience. Considering that IIS 7.0 is cumbersome to recover under Vista, this component is retained in the official version, it is not installed by default, and a friend needs to install it on its own, similar to XP (note that there is no IIS component in the Minimal Lite version)!
3. The Lite system retains Vista's own graphics drivers and HP printer drivers, as well as some other common drivers, such as network cards, modems, etc., to facilitate the installation of everyone!
4. The lite system removes infrequently used languages, retains traditional, Japanese, and Korean font files and code pages so that the correct reality is based on the pages of these fonts and other files.
5. The system has made some simple optimization for the ordinary user, which makes the system operation more humanized. (Set the desktop display "Computer" and other icons, enter the desktop and then refresh.) )
6. The installation serial number of the system is: 6f2d7-2pcg6-yqqtb-fwk9v-932cc, if the user needs to install manually, please use this serial number, otherwise it may invalidate the activation!
7. Third-party programs integrate only the IE Flash playback controls and the WinRAR 3.8 official version.
8. UxTheme.dll is cracked and can be directly used by third-party system theme resources.
9. Crack the number of TCPIP connections to facilitate BT download.
10. Consolidated most important patch updates prior to December 18, 2008, including the latest IE 0day major vulnerability patches.
11. The CD-ROM boot menu has a WinPE disk system, a rain forest wind DOS toolbox, and other utility tools.

Second, installation instructions:
1. CD-ROM installation:
First burn this ISO file with Nero's burn image file (see the video file for details), then set the CD-ROM priority boot in the Bios and install it after the disc is restarted. When the disc boot menu appears, install according to the actual optical drive mode selected.
The installation process is fully automated until it enters the desktop, the default to Administrator landing, it is recommended to set the password Administrator account immediately!
2. The system under the hard disk installation:
First use the virtual CD-ROM to load the ISO image file, and then double-click the disc AutoPlay program, click "Install Windows Vista SP1" can be run directly from the CD-ROM Setup.exe to install, remember the serial number with 6F2D7-2PCG6-YQQTB-FWK9V-932CC, otherwise it may invalidate the activation!

Note: No matter what method to install, pay attention to backup personal data and drivers before installation!

Third, further speed up the boot speed:
Right-click Desktop My Computer-management-Device Manager-ide ATA/ATAPI Controller, the main and secondary IDE channel advanced settings in the device type can be selected without all set to No
This method is better than any other optimization to speed up the boot-up speed, only if there is no option to pick up the relevant hardware. However, in the future to add new hardware on its channel will be opened to the corresponding, otherwise the new hardware will not be recognized.
In addition, if the ADSL telco dials, it is recommended to specify the IP address for the local connection. ip:, subnet mask:

Iv. Other Notes:
System and common software are installed, it is recommended to run a disk Defragmenter to organize the system disk, the system is running faster, or Ghost to do the system backup and then restore once, the effect of the same!

Disclaimer: This system is only provided to the rain forest wind internal member study of the test environment, rain forest wind does not bear any technical and copyright issues, illegal dissemination or use for commercial purposes, the legal responsibility. Please delete within 24 hours after download, if you feel satisfied, please support the purchase of genuine!

Windows Vista FAQs and Troubleshooting tips
(Note that the following is only required when the query, some of the features of this disc system has been set to complete, do not set again)

1. How do I turn off UAC?
Control Panel → user account → turn user Account control on or off → Disable the use of User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer.

2. How do I turn off system backup and restore?
Control Panel → backup and restore center → create a restore point or more this setting → system protection → automatic restore point → cancels the restore point on the selected disk.

3. Why do I read hard disk at a fixed time?
This is because Vista automates the defragmentation schedule, and is closed by starting menu → accessories → system tools → Disk Defragmenter → Cancel "Run as scheduled (recommended)"

4. How do I turn off my computer into hibernation?
desktop right → personalization → screen saver → change power settings → Change the computer's sleep time → make the computer go to sleep state is set to never.

5. The Start Menu power button is set to "Hibernate" by default, how do I change to "Shut down"?
Control Panel → power Options → selected preferred plan → change plan settings → Change advanced power settings, in the Popup settings window find the "power button and lid" → "Start" menu power button → settings → shutdown, OK to complete the setup.

6. How do I turn off this message when I am prompted in the Security Center every time I boot?
Control Panel → Security Center → change Security Center notification my method → Select Do not notify me, but display the icon.

7. How do I display the Run command in the non-traditional Start menu?
Taskbar and Start Menu properties → Start menu → customize → check "Run command".

8. How do I cancel the default share for each boot?
Use Vista optimizer, or import the following into the registry and reboot (if UAC is turned off).
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

9. How do I implement automatic login?
Start → run → enter "rundll32 netplwiz.dll,usersrundll" command to open the Account window, first select the account you want to automatically login, to select the "to use this computer, the user must enter the user name password" check box, enter the password of the account (if you want to turn off UAC), , it's easier to do this with Vista Masters from Vista home.

10. How do I change media files to play with players other than WMP?
Select media file → right-click menu → open with → select default program → select player → select "Always use selected program to open this file".

11. Why am I unable to make LAN visits?
Start with the following:
Local connection → Right-click properties → cancel Internet Protocol version 6 to shorten the authentication time.
Check that the machine workgroup name is consistent.
Check that the machine IP is in the same network segment, such as 192.168.1.X.
Set the network and sharing center → network connections → custom → location type to private, reducing protection.

12. How do the machines in the LAN implement the mutual visits after the ICF is started?
Windows Firewall unblocked all incoming connections, and in exceptions, select File and Printer sharing.

13. How do I log in with an administrator (Administrator) account?
Computer → management → Local Users and groups → user →administrator account → properties → cancel account disabled option, current use account → properties → select account disabled option.

14. Open the control surface Blackboard newspaper error "Windows Explorer has stopped working", how do I fix it?
Hardware-driven conflict, which may be related to sound card drivers, try reinstalling the sound card driver.

15. How to quickly copy file, folder path?
Press Shift, right-click to copy the path of the file, folder or shortcut, etc., in the pop-up menu has a copy of the path (a), click to copy the file, folder path.

16. How do I view system licensing information?

17. What are the shortcut keys for file reverse selection?
Alt+e pop-up menu, press I.

18. How do I change the size of the icons on my desktop?
CTRL + mouse wheel or right-click on the desktop → view → classic icons.

19. How do I switch programs using 3D mode?
In the case of the aero appearance, using the win (Windows key) +tab can switch the program using 3D mode, the win (Windows key) +ctrl+tab can make the program 3D window temporarily stay on the desktop.

20. How to set up Internet Explorer Agent?
Open Internet Options for ie toolbar → connect → dial-up and virtual private network settings Select your dial-up connection → settings, on the Settings page, select Use a proxy server for this connection, and then in the Address field, fill in the Proxy server address and port, and click OK.

21. How can I view the PID value of a process?
Task Manager → view → Select columns can be selected.

22. How do I clear the history of recently opened documents when I exit the system?
Run gpedit.msc, user configuration → administrative Templates → start menu and Taskbar → Clear history of recent open documents when exiting the system, set to Enabled.

23. Flower Screen
Many times you will find that Vista itself shows no problem, but whether it is using the Print Screen key or other tools, the resulting graph will have a portion of the display, sometimes a piece, sometimes one. This is mainly caused by the imperfect graphics driver of Vista, the solution is to download and install the latest version of the graphics driver, generally can be solved.

24. Retrieve the Vanishing "Run" dialog box
By default, the bottom of Vista's Start menu is not the familiar "run" command, which can be inconvenient for some higher-level operations. There are two ways to bring up the Run dialog box.
(1) with the "Win+r" key, you can open the "Run" dialog box, which we have used in the fourth question.
(2) Right-click on the Start menu, select "Properties", go to the Start Menu property Settings screen, clicking the "Customize" button at the bottom, find "show run" in the list box below and tick "confirm" to exit, then the "Run" command will be found again at the bottom of the Start menu.

25. Unable to boot
Unable to boot is more common and more serious failures, previously in XP, this failure is required to manually repair the user. In Vista, you only need to boot the machine into the Recovery Console via the CD, then enter the Fixboot command, and Vista will automatically detect the startup failure and automatically fix it with the BCDMD command. This is a great help to the average user and deserves praise.

26.Vista Why QQ always drop line?
Vista under the QQ always drop line, but soon back to normal, this is due to Vista under the network card default is working in the energy-saving mode, if you want it to continue to save energy, you can ignore this phenomenon, because he does not affect the normal use of QQ, if need to deal with, directly in the Device Manager → network adapter → properties → power management Remove the "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" check before you can!

27. Why did I quit automatically when I update automatically?
During the automatic update process, Automatic Updates need to download and install the latest upgrade program, the process of Automatic Updates will be shut down and restarted, as long as a moment will return to normal.

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