Real estate development, how to change the marketing team to the Front team-fit the full cycle of project development and achieve full-process Marketing Control

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When a well-known real estate company held a high-level meeting, the marketing VP issued a fierce question: "Why did the design of the final draft change? Why is the supply promised by the project always changing? Why are costs increasing? Why is all the pressure accumulated in marketing ." In such a scenario, we may not be unfamiliar with real estate enterprises.

In terms of management, what is the problem?

As the main way for real estate enterprises to face customers and realize value, marketing plays an irreplaceable important role in enterprises. However, in the marketing process, many enterprises simply focus on the Post-development sales process, design and development departments to build what products, and marketing is responsible for selling what products, we believe that it is good marketing to achieve quick transactions after obtaining pre-sale certificates, and even use the sales contract as the only criterion for performance evaluation. This is a typical "back-end marketing ".

In the "seller" market, this approach does not seem inappropriate. However, as the market environment becomes increasingly severe, the "buyer" market will accelerate. The customer's diversified product requirements and quality requirements will be greatly improved, and their investment and autonomous needs will become more rational. In addition, the increasing land price and labor costs will result in a dramatic increase in product development costs, as a result, some products have no price, and the housing market is difficult to deploy for a long time, resulting in a tight balance of funds for enterprises .......

How to make product design customer-centric, fully respect customer needs and experience, and build more targeted products? How can we dynamically control the supply and accurately develop push strategies? Real estate enterprises are already facing real-world problems and challenges. Under the current situation, real estate enterprises only need to change and innovate. It is an important step to change marketing from "back-to-back" to "front-end. Specifically, we believe that the entire project development cycle should be met to achieve full control of the entire marketing process, and all aspects of the project development value chain should be done from start to end, so that marketing activities can run throughout the project development process, achieve "marketing full-cycle management ". How can we change it?

We believe that marketing should be well managed throughout the entire cycle in a variety of methods and forms:

1.In-depth project participation,Precise Product Positioning

In the land acquisition phase, conduct market analysis, determine the overall positioning of the project, thoroughly interpret customer needs, clarify the target customer base, and propose the product planning and design concept under the overall market positioning and marketing planning ideas, A precise market positioning and product positioning are formed. The project development and design department and the cost Department jointly determine the overall project development solution based on the positioning suggestions of the land property and Marketing Department.

2.Starting from customer lifecycle management, we can explore Customer Value in Depth

Establish a customer segmentation system model to accurately grasp customer intentions. Before purchasing a house, you can quickly identify target customers, actively explore, efficiently follow up, and make transactions quickly. After a career, you can provide high-quality and systematic customer service experience, Respect customer demands, and increase customer stickiness, allow "one-time" customers to buy real estate multiple times. Property-oriented, driving value-added nearby services, maximizing customer value, and achieving "Lifetime customers" of enterprises ".

3.Sales process control is the main line to improve sales quality and efficiency

Regulate the customer storage → subscribe → contract → refund → Dunning → delivery business process, and manage regular business. At the same time, it ensures that special services such as check-out, renaming, and house change are carried out in an orderly and efficient manner. Technically, the front-end uses mobile Internet and other means to achieve efficient electronic opening. The back-end records and analyzes the actual sales business process through integrated system platforms, quickly collects and summarizes the achievement rates of various indicators, such as contract signing and remittance, and assists in dynamically adjusting the decomposition and issuance of subsequent indicators, support rate assessment for key nodes such as "Incoming call rate", "High Resolution rate", "contract rate", "Return Rate", and "renewal rate.

The full-cycle marketing management also puts forward requirements for the internal operation management and information support of real estate enterprises.

Integrate various business functions and resources to break departmental barriers,It is imperative.The structure, area information, and key node progress of the marketing houses should be shared with the project design in a unified manner, and the dynamic goods value should be controlled in real time. The pricing process should refer to the dynamic cost, estimate the sales profit, and compare and analyze the premium capability; the development of the sales plan refers to the project progress plan, and the fund plan is formed by the sales plan and expense plan. Finally, data integration and Business Collaboration are implemented for projects, designs, costs, contracts, marketing, finance, capital, and other lines.

Promote an innovative Internet-based marketing model,Broad Prospects. Real estate enterprises integrate customer resources to improve customer management efficiency and customer service quality, establish multi-dimensional big data analysis capabilities, and effectively implement differentiated, precise, and reputation-based innovative marketing. We can also develop other innovative value-added services by promoting the core value proposition of Internet based on the existing large number of transaction customers and potential customer groups.

Only in the full-cycle marketing management model can real estate enterprises take the project development cycle as the main axis to achieve full-process Marketing Control and change the marketing "back-to-back" to "front-end ".

China's well-known real estate shimao Group is exploring and practicing the aforementioned marketing full-cycle management. The Group has successfully established an integrated management platform with high integration and collaboration thanks to its continuous innovation and massive upgrade of management information, thus creating a full-cycle marketing control model. The Marketing Management pre-concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the entire marketing process control has demonstrated results.


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