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The speed limit on the vrobt does not affect the download of BT during the Internet access. Here we will mainly explain how to configure the vro and speed limit the vro. In addition to using some speed limiting software, such as the LAN speed limiter skiller introduced on this site, also known as phantom network shield), you can also start from the vro itself and start from the speed limiting of the vro! The main limitation is the download speed. Let's talk about the speed limit for downloading a large BT. The speed limit for other routers is similar. You can simply read the following command line, which is very simple.

Limits the download speed of BT. Some routing functions are relatively advanced. The graphic interface allows you to directly limit the speed of each route. for lower-level routing functions, we can limit the speed from the command line router. Start-run-CMD, enter telnet (the vro address may vary depending on the vro type), and then enter the account and password to log on, enter the vro remote interface and enter the following command to configure the vro:

If you only want to limit the BT download speed:

Access-list 130 remark bt
Access-list 130 permit tcp any range 6881 6890
Access-list 130 permit tcp any range 6881 6890 any
Rate-limit input access-group 130 712000 8000 8000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop
Rate-limit output access-group 130 712000 8000 8000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop

If BT download is completely prohibited:

Access-list 130 deny tcp any range 6881 6890 access-list 130 deny tcp any range 6881 6890 any
Ip access-group 130 in/out

In this way, the speed limit configuration of the vro is complete. However, some btsoftware will automatically change the port after blocking.

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