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Installing Darkstat in Linux: web-based traffic analyzer

Installing Darkstat in Linux: web-based traffic analyzer Darkstat is a simple web-based traffic analysis program. It can work on mainstream operating systems such as Linux, Solaris, MAC, and AIX. It continues to work in the background as a daemon, constantly sniffing network data, and displaying it on its webpage in a simple and understandable form. It can genera

An easy course for IRIS Traffic Analyzer

When it comes to sniffer software, you may soon be reminded of Nai's sniffer Pro. Although Sniffer Pro is rich in features, it is somewhat elaborate to operate. Again here I introduce a simple and practical sniffer software, that is our protagonist today: Iris traffic Analyzer. I'm going to use iris traffic Analyzer

Statistical analyst-Linux Router Traffic statistics system

Article title: statistical analyst-Linux Router Traffic statistics system. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. This article first outlines three common billing methods for Linux routers, and then introduces the Netfilter packet filtering technology in Linux,

The problem of the router's external network port shutdown due to excessive traffic

"External network port traffic is zero After the increase in broadband, the administrator in the running process found that every day when the router outside the network traffic exceeded 50MBPS/S, the port will appear "receive Errors", traffic is very large error, a lot of error information. With the advent of the We

How to securely collect Cisco router IP traffic

I would like to introduce how to obtain the IP traffic of a Cisco router. Many people may not know how to retrieve the IP address of a Cisco router. It does not matter. After reading this article, you will certainly have a lot of GAINS, I hope this article will teach you more things. A router is a bridge of a computer

Obtain IP traffic of a cisco Router

When using a cisco router as an Internet Router, cisco's IP packet filtering function is generally used to count IP traffic. The method is to add the ipaccountingoutput-packets command at each entrance of the cisco router. The cisco router automatically counts the IP

Export traffic anomaly during upgrade of export router

When the export router is upgraded, the troubleshooting steps for the export traffic anomaly caused by routing turbulence are as follows:Network environmentAn operator of the export router ne40e version upgrade, after the upgrade, the route learning normal, but from the network management shows that the flow of exports is much lower than the usual period of

Traffic Control in Alpha router settings

Traffic control set by the Alpha router. The Alpha router not only has a stylish appearance, but also has a powerful network management function. Today we will mainly introduce it to you.Alicloud router's most practical LAN traffic control function effectively solves network congestion or some people use P2P software o

FSAT Router Traffic Control

bandwidth resources. Currently, there are many ways to limit the speed, today we will introduce you to CAR. 1. The so-called CAR Chinese name is the guaranteed access rate, which has two main functions: 1. the inbound and outbound traffic rates of a port or sub-port (Subintece) are limited by a certain standard. 2. Traffic is classified to different QoS priorities. 2. a car can only work

How does a router limit the speed of a LAN, how does the LAN allocate network bandwidth, and Control LAN traffic?

How does a router limit the speed of a LAN, how does the LAN allocate network bandwidth, and Control LAN traffic? The following two methods can be used to limit the network speed of a computer and prevent the network speed of a LAN:1. Methods of limiting others' network speeds, controlling the network speeds of other computers, and limiting lan network traffic th

Tp-link router How to set the traffic size

How does the Tp-link router set the traffic size? TP Link Wireless Router traffic settings, can be effectively guaranteed in the same LAN under each device can be balanced Internet access. Eliminates the video and so on a series of occupy the speed of the process and not open the Web page, with a special network card p

Cacti Monitoring Cisco router network card traffic

Recently changed jobs, the company more than 40 people share a 20M bandwidth wireless network, the router for Cisco R2911. Boss, let me make a cacti to monitor Cisco routed network card traffic. The whole days can not get the SNMP data, finally to the routing permission to find that the last operation to the routing SNMP service off, leaving the document written in very detailed how he opened and configured

How does the TP link router set the traffic size

TP Link Wireless Router traffic settings, can be effectively guaranteed in the same LAN under each device can be balanced Internet access. Eliminates the video and so on a series of occupy the speed of the process and not open the Web page, with a special network card phenomenon. So how does the TP link router set the traffic

Control of BT traffic by Cisco Router Security

This article describes how to control the BT traffic of a Cisco router through specific operations, and describes the specific operation methods in detail. I hope this article will help you. Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR) indicates Network Application Recognition. NBAR is a technology that can dynamically search for protocols in Layer 4 to Layer 7. It can not only control static and simple net

MRTG Monitor switch router traffic and Nagios alarms

templateHOST_NAME huawei-er-3100Service_description Interface 1794 Bandwidth UsageCheck_command check_local_mrtgtraf!/usr/local/mrtg/share/! Avg!1000000,1000000!5000000,5000000!10}Where 1794 represents the 1794 port of the switch, we can configure it according to the effective information of MRTG monitoring.The "AVG" parameter means to take the statistical average of the bandwidth, "1000000,1000000" parameter refers to the incoming alarm threshold (in byte

Upgrade Router tomato firmware to better manage network traffic

Third-party routing software has been available for some time, but we have no choice but to continue recommending these products to users who want to add new features to their home network. Our favorite routing firmware is still tomato, because it provides good compatibility for a variety of brands and models of routers, and its user-friendly, powerful user interface. Below I will tell you how to upgrade your router firmware to the latest tomato versi

Use a router to limit the bandwidth traffic of a LAN

When using a router to limit the bandwidth traffic of a LAN, sometimes the bandwidth is not very high at work, but the speed of normal internet access is slow due to the excessive use of bandwidth by others, normal operations cannot be carried out, so managing the bandwidth traffic of hosts in the LAN is essential. does not have a lot of computers, a

Use Cisco integrated Router Security to control BT traffic

router. PDLM is written by the Packet Description Language Module, which means the data Packet Description Language Module. It is a description of the protocol layer of high-level network applications, such as the protocol type and service port number. Its advantage is to adapt NBAR to many existing network applications, such as http url, DNS, FTP, and VoIP. At the same time, it can also be defined, to enable NBAR to support many emerging network app

Cisco Router Traffic Control instance

There are too many Qos information on the Cisco Router Traffic Control instance, but many of them are not practical. I have talked about a lot of theories. The following are the configurations on the routers of a subsidiary for your reference. In fact, as long as you understand the meaning of NBAR, CBWFQ, and WRED, traffic control can be configured as needed. Www

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