Recommended and installed win7 activation tools

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Recommended and installed win7 activation tools
As the win7 flagship version system is entering everyone's network life, the win7 activation tool that comes with the market is also spreading. The following network survey examplesWin7 activation Tool:

1: Windows7 OEM Activator

: Http:// OS /201601/456230.html

2: Windows 7 Loader

: Http:// OS /201601/456231.html

3: Pony activates OemY3.1 NT6

: Http:// OS /201601/456232.html

4: win7 activation 1.8 (recommended)

: Http:// OS /201601/456233.html

Of course there are many more, and I will not give them one by one.

This article has a special liking for pony activating OemY3.1 NT6, because it is my first win7 activation tool and I have used this activation tool to help many friends, now I will teach you how to use the pony activation tool:

1: click the link of the above pony activation tool to download the tool, and right-click to decompress it to the current folder, as shown in 1:


Figure 1

2: double-click the file to open the Oem7F7 interface, as shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2

3: at this time, you only need to click the "start to experience genuine" button to start activating the system. During activation, a pony is running on the desktop, after the execution is complete, you only need to restart the computer and the machine is fully activated.

4: Of course, pony activation (OEM 7F7) also has an advanced setting. In Figure 2, you only need to check "advanced options" and the advanced option box appears, in this case, you can set and activate the settings as required, as shown in Figure 3:

Figure 3

5: after activation, restart and enter the computer. You can right-click the computer's "properties" to view the activation status, as shown in Figure 4:

Figure 4

6: You can continue to activate pony (OEM 7F7) to go to the advanced options page. Click "Check activation status" to view the activation status, as shown in Figure 5:

Figure 5

Tip: if an error occurs when you click "start to experience genuine edition", click "solve pony activation OemY3.1 NT6 C: OEMSF access rejection error".

Pony activates OemY3.1 NT6 to activate the system. This is a simple and practical tool.

Edit prompt:

Many friends still cannot activate the system perfectly after using the win7 activation tool. If this problem occurs, it may be because the win7 system you have installed is not perfect. We recommend that you reinstall the system. To help users reinstall the windows 7 home, the windows home reinstallation master is now available. The windows home system reinstallation master integrates all the latest windows systems updated by the windows home, including XP, Win7, Win8, and Win10 systems. Perfect activation frees you from having to worry about installation. We strongly recommend that you use it!

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