Recursive DP hdoj 5389 Zero Escape

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1 /*2 Test Instructions: The n number is divided into two groups, a group of add up is a, a group of add up is b,1<=a,b<=9, can also be all divided into the same group. The addition is in accordance with the rules he gives, is a plus, more than one digit to split into a plus. 3 Dp:dp[i][j] Records the sum of the number of previous I and the program number of J, then the state transfer equation: dp[i][j+a[i]] + = dp[i-1][j]; Of course, dp[i][a[i]] = 1;4 then consider several special cases: go to S1 Gate or S2 Gate, plan number +1. In addition, the game I wrote the correct transfer equation, the answer output DP[N][S1]+DP[N][S2] nearly twice times, did not think, abandoned, when the mind is very chaotic, think the method is wrong .... 5 */6 /************************************************7 * Author:running_time8 * Created time:2015-8-13 14:39:589 * File name:j.cppTen  ************************************************/ One  A#include <cstdio> -#include <algorithm> -#include <iostream> the#include <sstream> -#include <cstring> -#include <cmath> -#include <string> +#include <vector> -#include <queue> +#include <deque> A#include <stack> at#include <list> -#include <map> -#include <Set> -#include <bitset> -#include <cstdlib> -#include <ctime> in using namespacestd; -  to #defineLson L, Mid, RT << 1 + #defineRson mid + 1, R, RT << 1 | 1 -typedefLong Longll; the Const intMAXN = 1e5 +Ten; * Const intINF =0x3f3f3f3f; $ Const intMOD =258280327;Panax Notoginseng intdp[maxn][Ten]; - intA[MAXN]; the intN, s1, S2; +  A intCalintXinty) { the     intRET = x +y; +RET%=9; -     if(ret = =0)return 9; $     Else    returnret; $ } -  - intMainvoid)    {//hdoj 5389 Zero Escape the     intT scanf ("%d", &T); -      while(t--) {Wuyiscanf ("%d%d%d", &n, &AMP;S1, &S2); the         intsum =0; -          for(intI=1; i<=n; ++i) {//add up the n number and then follow the rules and the two two plus are the same. Wuscanf ("%d", &a[i]); sum =cal (SUM, a[i]); -         } About  $Memset (DP,0,sizeof(DP)); -          for(intI=1; i<=n; ++i) { -Dp[i][a[i]] =1; -              for(intj=9; j>=0; --j) { ADP[I][J] = (Dp[i][j] + dp[i-1][J])%MOD; +                 if(j + A[i] >9)   { the                     intx =Cal (J, A[i]); -DP[I][X] = (Dp[i][x] + dp[i-1][J])%MOD; $                 } the                 Else    { theDp[i][j+a[i]] = (Dp[i][j+a[i]] + dp[i-1][J])%MOD; the                 } the             } -         } in  the         intAns =0; the         if(Cal (S1, s2) = = SUM) {//two doors can go in and meet the conditions . AboutAns + =DP[N][S1]; the             if(S1 = = sum) ans--; the         } the         if(S1 = = sum) ans++;//you can go all the door . +         if(S2 = = sum) ans++; -  theprintf ("%d\n", ans);Bayi     } the  the     return 0; -}

Recursive DP hdoj 5389 Zero Escape

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